Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Rough 6 Weeks

On May 14th Mom had a stroke. It happened during the night and she woke confused, disoriented, and weak. Dad took her to the emergency room where they ran a bunch of tests. The result showed that she’d lost some cognitive functions and a bit of peripheral vision. They moved her to the full care section of the retirement community my folks live in. My sister and I’ve been down to see her and will go again sometime next month.

It’s somewhat reassuring that Mom & Dad live in a really good place where the care is excellent. She’s getting at least 3 different types of therapy (cognitive, occupational, and physical) to try to get her eligible for assisted living. It’s going to be a few weeks before we know if she will be able to do it, but she is making progress. Last report was that she is stronger now and her memory functions are improving. There’s a list of things she has to be able to do before she can qualify for assisted living and Mom’s ticking them off as she accomplishes them.

One of the hardest things for me is the feeling of disconnect I’m experiencing. For several years now I’ve started my morning by working a jigsaw puzzle and emailing it to Mom with a short note about how things are going in my life. Now that’s stopped because there’s no computer in her room at the care center. I call but they have to go get her from where she is to bring her to the phone. If she makes it to assisted living there will be a phone in her room instead of at the nurse’s station.

On the life in San Antonio side, I’m finding work more stressful these days. It isn’t as much fun and since the Census is heading into the last stages everyone is polishing up their resumes. I recently went to a sneak peek movie screening and saw Despicable Me which comes out in July. It’s a really good kids flick with a heart warming ending. It’s funny too. My face just kept smiling bigger and bigger all through the movie. I’ve been dong some minor repair things around the apartment. My vacuum cleaner has a new belt and the bathroom has a new showerhead. The stray kitten living on my porch had gotten pregnant but the baby didn’t survive. However, that little girl is letting me pet her now and sometimes seems to want petting more than the food. I’m not sure she’ll let me pick her up yet. And, in honor of my friend Susan, with a nod to Jeremy who took me to the yarn store, I’ve started learning how to knit. I bought some yarn, needles, and an instruction book and cast on 50 stitches which was way too many for the length of my bamboo needles. Never the less, progress is being made. I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of the knit stitch and am now practicing the purl stitch. Jenny and I took a lesson at the yarn store this past Saturday and I learned how to hold the yarn in my left hand which is much faster, but I need to practice more because I don’t think my stitches are as even with that method. If I get good enough to actually knit a real item of clothing I’ll be delighted and probably never give this up.

Hope you all have a good 4th of July! Peace! Hope! & Joy!