Monday, July 24, 2006

What to say for a first post...

Well, I signed in for the most mundane of reasons. I wanted to comment on a friend's blog. Little did I know I would get caught up in the process of creating my own. LOL Said I was a work in progress didn't I?

I don't think I will have any major insights to pour out on the world here. I am just a woman who is in the process of changing herself one day at a time and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Probably should give a little history since you don't know me. I was born, grew up, went to college (3 times) (no, make that 4 or 5 now), worked in IT and banking for a few years and finally decided that I had grown up and wanted to be a teacher. So that is what I am doing now...getting another education and becoming qualified to teach. Hah! I think it is really an excuse to keep on learning. Hopefully I will have something to share with my students when I get them.

When I started working with kids (last year) I found it amazingly wonderful and also (as most parents know) awfully stressing. Never a dull moment and constant focus required. When I then went back to college mid year I got that feeling of windmilling your arms while running downhill. I needed a break...there wasn't one in sight. So I demanded a weekend. It turned out to be a 3 day retreat called Cursillo. That was in March. If you haven't been on one or some other flavor trust was beyond description...the most transforming and rewarding experience I have ever had. Since then things have been changing constantly. Did I mention I was a work in progress?

Best things since that time? I have finally got enough female friends to have one of those amazing support circles that you see in all the girl flicks. It is awesome! My girlfriends are so neat and so supportive. The word "service" has taken on a whole new meaning. My life perspective has changed. I have more joy than stress. And people have become a source of discovery and growth. I don't think this work in progress will end anytime soon. Thank God!


San said...

Looks like we went on retreat in the same month. I went in March of 2006, for a week. Came back walking on air...

I meet with a women's circle once a month. We pass a talking stick.

Lee said...

How neat! Yes, I came back very refreshed. It was a grueling weekend of talks and learning but it did the job of revitalizing my faith and God took care of the rest.

Your talking sticks sound very Native American. Is there more to the tradition than just having a nice way of being heard without interruption?