Saturday, August 19, 2006

Walking Stick

The walking stick arrived yesterday. The picture of it is the last one I got from the artist before he mailed it to me. I think the artist did a good job with the woodburning images. You can clearly tell it is a "greenman" and the celtic letters look nice. The stick is just over 5 feet in height and will fit in my car for travel. Along with it came a set of papers describing the efforts that went into making the stick and also how to care for it. I am pleased with just about everything. If I had one thing that I would like different it would be a slightly thicker walking stick. This one is just fine though. It will work for walking and lots of other stuff.

Because he was so professional, I am going to put a link to his web page here. He goes to a lot of effort and provides a lot of services. If you like the idea of a custom walking stick please don't hesitate to check him out. He does good work.


Susan Palwick said...

Lovely! May you use it in good health!

Lee said...

Thanks Susan. Sorry this response took so long. I've been kind of caught up with work and all. I took the stick to school today. My student charge said she wanted to see it. She found other things to do but I got to share it with my co-workers and they all thought it was cool.