Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Weeding the bookmarks or Forgotten Treasures

How big is your bookmark collection? How many sub files does it have? Mine is prolific. I'm not sure that's a correct usage of the word, but I suspect that my bookmarks are generating new ones when I am not watching them carefully, which is most of the time.

Today I decided to weed them out and rid myself of ones that were no longer useful or interesting. So far I've gone through two category files. First was the Art file. During that I got to remember who I liked in art. Then I went down to the "Educational and Interesting" file which is a catch all for anything that doesn't generate a file of its own. Its the biggest file. After getting rid of the dead wood I moved a few links into their proper categories.

Hidden away in that file were two more links to decent photography sites so I put them into the Photography file. Those links are: and These two sites have quite a lot of good photography on them. Both of them seem to focus on the digital camera which is the popular format today if you can afford one and know how to use the software to crop and adjust your pictures to your satisfaction. They have forums and enough informative articles that they can be instructive to the up and coming photographer.

Other rediscovered photography sites were more art galleries than teaching and support pages. Here are a few of those: Sensitive Light, Robert Cable Photography, and Greg Downing Photography. These pages by individual artists are beautiful works of art in and of themselves. I enjoyed exploring them again. About the last one, I used to know a guy named Downing. He married a college friend of mine. This guy isn't him but possibly a brother or relative since he photographs some of the same area we both grew up in. Any way, feel free to explore these sites. I hope you gain as much pleasure from them as I did.


jsd said...

These are great links! I'll have to come back to check out more of them.

John-Michael said...

How I have always lusted after a Rollei. MAGNIFICENT!

Lee said...

I'd love to have one too, John-Michael! Too bad I had to give the loaner back after the photography class ended.