Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Belated Fourzies

About a week ago, yes, I'm delinquent, Sandi tagged me to do a meme she called the Fourzies. I'm finally finished with supper, am trying to avoid house cleaning, and she said she wanted to know more about me. So here we go.

4 Jobs I've held...
1) Candy Striper at Knapp Hospital in Weslaco, TX
2) Training Device Maintenance Person (TD3) in the Navy.
3) Computer Operator at First City Bank in Corpus Christi, TX
4) Special Ed Instructional Assistant at Krueger Middle School, San Antonio, TX

4 Movies I have/would watch over and over again...
1) Practical Magic
2) The American President
3) Twister
4) any Harry Potter Movie

4 Places I've lived
1) Mercedes, TX
2) Edinburg, TX while going to college the first time
3) Kingsville, TX in the Navy and also going to college the second time.
4) Corpus Christi, TX after I got done with college stint number...Yep, I've traveled some but spent most of my life in Texas.

People I want to "Bitch Slap right into the middle of next week" Will someone PLEASE tell me how you bitch slap anyone? Ok, so I've lead a sheltered life.
How about people I find really, really irritating so that I sort of fuss at them under my breath.
1) Car drivers who rush around me to cut in front of me so they can then slow down and exit ahead of me. I hadn't wanted to exit in the first place. I just don't like being delayed anymore than the next soul.
2) Apartment complex managers who think they are junior gods but have no clue how to act other than rudely, stupidly, and fear their bosses more than they fear losing a resident.
3) Bishops who talk in their sermons about gathering up all the pieces (it was the loaves and fishes sermon) and then refuse to let my best friend do her discernment process in our own diocese, or even provide her with suggestions on where else she might find success and happiness, thus throwing away one of the best "pieces" my congregation has.
4) Lawyers who try to define legal terms to a potential juror in a slippery manor thus confusing said juror and making juror angry because the juror understood the term when the DA defined it. So now the juror hates the confusing lawyer and also his slimy client. (Yeah, Sandi, I'll be glad to tell you that story in private - not sure I can talk about it in public although the case is long since over)

4 People who email me regularly...
1) San Meredith
2) Sandi McBride
3) JS when we have time to write
4) Susan Palwick
5) My dad
6) My ex college roommate, Nancy
7) My sister, Jill.....ok, so I went over 4 there. :)

4 TV shows I watch, Fiction.
1) NUMB3RS (yes, I love cute geeks and good looking men in uniform)
2) NCIS (I grew up on the Man From U.N.C.L.E)
3) Criminal Minds (Awesome show!)
4) Ghost Whisperer

4 TV shows I watch, Nonfiction.
1) American Idol
2) So You Think You Can Dance
3) Deal or No Deal
4) Dancing With the Stars
5) Some episodes of The Bachelor
6) 60 Minutes (when I can catch it)

4 Places I've visited
1) San Juan Wilderness area, Colorado
2) Paras del Fuente, Mexico
3) The Eleutheras, Bahamas
4) Las Vegas, NV (3 times)

4 Favorite foods
1) Dark Chocolate
2) Cherry Pie (lattice crust please)
3) Coffee with Irish Cream
4) A really good steak! Medium Rare

Where I'd like to be right now...
1) Reno walking with Susan
2) Santa Fe looking at art and having tea with San
3) Asheville, NC with my sister (I'd make Sandi come up and do a day trip along the blue ridge parkway with me to see the 14 waterfalls)
4) Anywhere as long as it's a house of my own. Lots of windows. Wood floors. Huge yard w/ trees and flowers and butterflies and birds. Wrap around porch w/ a swing front and back.

Things I'm looking forward to this year...
1) getting a full time job...getting there is part of the fun
2) seeing my friend, JS, start her journey towards becoming a priest
3) The next time my sister can come down to Texas.
4) This weekend, I see JS on Friday, Fred & Lin and Michael (plus a few others) on Saturday, The good lord and the whole church on Sunday.

Ok, so now I nominate 4 people.
1) San Meredith of A Life With a View
2) JS of InfluxTransposer
3) Paschal of Murat11
4) Susan of Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good.

Voila et fine!


Sandi McBride said...

Very very nicely done...can't wait for the whole story...I like Numbers as Ghost Whisperer too, cept want to tell Melinda to cover up the girls...keep waiting for her to fall out of her clothes...tried to make a lattice pie once...failed miserably. It looked more like the grey bar hotel lattice...complete with file. And also can't wait to visit Susan...I've been negligent!

Lee said...

Thanks, Sandi! I'll email you the story shortly. My Grandmother taught me how to make a lattice crust. It isn't hard. Just needs careful attention to the rolling and weaving.

Yes, do visit her. She is one of my favorite bloggers.


San said...

Lee, given your response about lap dancing in the post above this one, I first read "candy stripper." My oh my, but that Lee has a checkered past, I thought. ;-)

I'd actually read this meme over at Sandi's and thought, well that would be a fun one to do. THANK YOU for tagging me. Answers will ensue in a few days when I'm back, ensconced at the gallery i-mac.

I adore your bitch slap recipients. I'm not sure how you do it either, but I'm sure we can figure something out when it comes to those perpetrators. And maybe we could get Sandi to do a little pistol whipping too.

HUG. Hope you are having a beautiful day, that one of those kids you're scoring has come up with an answer that surprises you.

Lee said...

San you're prophetic. I did get a surprise. Keep the kid in your prayers. I think they need it.

Wow! Candy stripper huh? Wonder what Candy was wearing when I took her clothes off.

As to the B.S., I think that Sandi will want to use her cane. That's's probably lethal. :)