Thursday, September 18, 2008

Misc. Bits

It's been nice to be busy this past week. Work is interesting and going well. I'm working a field test so details can't be shared but it is Math and the grades I'm on are 5 though 7. Each question is under development so they get created and then given to a sampling of students before they are put into an actual test. It takes a long time for test questions to be developed to the point of test inclusion. This is one of the reasons the education system doesn't have enough money to hire teachers. Tons of it is going to pay for the proof that they are doing their jobs, these high stakes tests.

This past weekend Hooboo managed to get himself into a fight and got his ear chomped through. There is a hole all the way through although it is healing. But over the three days before I realized it needed attention it developed an infection. When I looked at it on Tuesday it was weepy with stuff that turned scabby and was a little bit pink when I washed his ear out with ear cleaner. Uck! Yesterday evening I ran to the store and picked up hydrogen peroxide and some antibiotic ointment. With a treatment yesterday and again this morning it is looking better. The swelling is going down and the heat is gone. Whew! Thank goodness for kittens fast metabolisms.

Life has gotten really busy for me at church. Normally I'd think you couldn't do too much at church, but I may have been wrong. I added in choir as an activity about 3 weeks ago and while I love it I'm having to give up some of my adult education time. I'm already a Lay Minister and on Altar Guild, so the first Sunday I sang I was at both services since I was serving at the early service and singing at the late. This past Sunday I was singing at the late service and had altar guild duties afterward. Did I mention we are having a really good Sunday school class on spirituality and how to return to its center? I hate leaving early to warm up but I can't let the choir down. This Sunday two of those serving areas want me to help out by manning a table during our ministry fair which we are holding to try to increase the number of people contributing time to church service. I'm trying to decide if I want to attend early service to visit with my friend Kathy and keep in touch with what is going on there (because I'm also signed up for verger training and knowing how things are supposed to go is the main responsibility there). So when am I supposed to be at home and calling Mom? She sits by the phone waiting for those calls that I make with love every Sunday! And why did I pick up choir? Because it's fun and I wanted some socializing other than just on Sunday's. And I'm getting that! I get to sit next to Paschal's wife Tina most practices and Sunday's and when Betty comes back from traveling I will get to sit next to her too. Last night Marise, who I know but don't spend much time talking to, offered to sit next to me so that I'd have a strong singer to follow, I'm singing alto and haven't followed sheet music in over 30 years. I was delighted! It made things so much easier! And how nice of her! :)


murat11 said...

Lee: I don't know if congratulations or condolences should be offered for your new gigs at Rec. Thanks, for sure, since it's a service for all of us. Of course, there is the perk of a double portion of Episco-port wine when you're at both services. :-D

Lee said...

'Tis true, Paschal! The Episco-port is really good! And if I help with cleanup I get extras. :)

I'm sure this scheduling intensity will work itself out soon. Time will probably take care of any adjustments needed.

Please tell Tina we missed her at choir last night and also that Jean has returned so we had an extra voice.


Sandi McBride said...

Sometimes we take on too much, Lee, but somehow it all comes out right and you find the things that are most important. Sorry to hear about HooBoo's ear, poor baby! Salt water before the salve is good too...hugs from Hound to him

Lee said...

Ah, comments real time! I love it. Sandi, it is so nice to have you back on the blog circuit!

Hooboo appreciates the sympathy from Hound and wonders if he wants to play?

He stayed in today so that he could get some more rest, or at least that is what I told him before I left. :)

I'm sure you're right about things working out in the end. I'm just not used to this much activity on one day. Won't even go to the bit about having to attend Ultreya unexpectedly. Sigh!

Hugs back atcha!

david mcmahon said...

You sure HAVE been busy, Lee!

Lee said...

Yes, and thank goodness, David! I guess the reason for all that being busy is because I feel rewarded there. I love Sunday's and now Wednesday is an extension of Sunday. :)


SandraRee said...

Beautiful blog! Came here via David! :)

Lee said...

Thank you, Sandra! Welcome! I'll be by to check out your blog soon. David is fantastic isn't he?


Louise said...

Your life sounds like mine. Truly, we do the next thing because we need something we enjoy--because everything else is taking its toll. Talk to your mom when you're driving!

Lee said...

Hi Louise! Welcome!

Yes, we do things because they make us feel better and more outwardly oriented.

Glad to have you stop by!


VergerBill said...

With a Google Alert on the word “verger”, your recent Blog popped up in my daily alerts. I am interested in reading of your verger training and becoming a verger. And in case you are unfamiliar with the Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church, I also wanted to give you some information about the VGEC.

The Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church was founded in 1989 as a service organization devoted to the Office and Ministry of the Verger in the Episcopal Church today. The Guild prints a regular newsletter, The Verger’s Voice, along with an Annual VGEC Membership Directory. The VGEC meets annually, in a 4-day conference, where vergers converge for education, entertainment, social time, and an Annual Banquet. Last year’s 2007 19th VGEC Conference was held in September at the Cathedral Church of Saint John in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This year, 2008, we will meet at the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul in Burlington, Vermont, Thursday thru Sunday, 23-26 October for the 20th National Conference of the Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church. We hope to see you there.

The Vergers’ Guild also has “A Course of Training for a Verger”, that we sell to members. Upon completion of the course, a VGEC Diploma and Virge are presented to the those members during the Annual Banquet at the VGEC National Conference. Last year 6 members were presented with their Diploma and Virge, increasing to 133 those Fellows of the VGEC.

The Guild has an active Web Site ( ), and a V-List to which anyone can subscribe and contribute to any ongoing lines of conversations, or ask questions concerning vergers and our ministry. Instructions for subscribing to the V-List are on our WebPage.

If you are interested in obtaining a few materials, brochures and hand-outs, I would welcome your interest and/or membership in the Vergers’s Guild of the Episcopal Church. If you have further questions, would like to plan a workshop in your area, need more materials, or any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time. God Bless you always!

William H Gleason
VGEC President Emeritus
VGEC Guild Shoppe
618 Harpeth Parkway East
Nashville TN

615.646.7061 Voice
615.673.1474 Fax
615.812.9440 Cell Email WebPage

Lee said...

Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing all this really great information.

The registrations forms went out this past week or two ago to the Guild and hopefully the course work will arrive shortly.

There are 5 of us registered as vergers in training at my church, Church of Reconciliation Episcopal, San Antonio, TX. Our head verger is Ted Ressler and he's been a member of the guild for a quite a few years. In addition to the course work from the guild he will be directing our training.

It was nice of you to start following my blog. I noticed you've started one too. I hope you'll post more about your experiences as a verger too. I'll be sure to put news here so that you can find it easily.

Wish I were set up to attend the convention this year. VT is supposed to be gorgeous and I've got a good friend who just moved there. Maybe next year! :)

Peace! Hope! & Joy!

david mcmahon said...

Great to hear about your singing, too, Lee!

Lee said...

Thank you, David! Always did love to hum along. Guess it was that growing up on "whistle while you work" melody although I had to admit that I sang more often than I whistled. :)