Monday, October 20, 2008

Addition to the Playlist

All the singing and music doings at church seems to have put me in a perpetual music mode. This morning I found Ella and Louis singing Summertime. This version has the horns up front at the beginning, then Ella, then Louis. For all that Ella seems to be the lead singer here, Louis was far busier during this rendition. He plays the horn for the intro, sings his part, goes back to the horns, and then throws in some scat.

There were 3 different files to choose from and all of them were of this version. The first one had the horns way high on the squeal scale and I thought that sounded very realistic based on the times I've heard horns live. The second version was deeper in tone, richer but without the squeal. It just didn't quite feel like a live performance. The last one had that rich acoustic space feel to it. The horns were better than number two but it seems to have been recorded in surround because I'd have sworn I could hear the echo off the high auditorium ceiling. If you've got a play list on your blog go to the search page and type in Ella Fitzgerald and Summertime. Tell me what you think? I chose the last one for its richness but the first one's horns still are sitting in my memory.

While I'm at it I guess it might be nice to tell you that a while back I also added in Jabberwocky and Catch the Wind by Donovan, and Highwayman and Poncho & Lefty which showcase several country artists including Willie Nelson. Enjoy!


murat11 said...

Ella and Louis did some wonderful music together through the years. No "Mellow Yellow" from Donovan?

Janis Ian was peaking out from your playlist when I surfed in, and it reminded me that my sister, who lives in Nashville (as does Janis), recently sent me a picture of herself with JI at a book signing.

Sandi McBride said...

WooHoo! This is wonderful!

Lee said...

Lucky sister, Paschal! Yeah, I love the duets Ella and Louis did. He did a nice duet with Barbra too in Hello Dolly. Mellow Yellow? LOL That was popular wasn't it. I can almost remember the lyrics. :)

Make a Joyful Noise!

Lee said...

LOL Thanks, Sandi! Let's all dance! :)


Unknown said...

Love your playlist! It's amazing when listening to a song-how it takes you to a freeze-frame (another good song, eh?)
Your blog is fun, thank you!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Lee said...

Thanks AirmanMom! I'm so glad you found time to pop in. Yes, songs to bring back memories, and they build connections with others too.