Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shared Letter to a Friend

Wrote the following in response to a reply from JS this morning. I'd shared the current Rose is Rose comic with her. Rose is Rose is created by Pat Brady and distributed by United Features Syndicate.

:-) You're welcome!

When I was a kid, I would sometimes stay overnight at the grandparent's house. They didn't have a fireplace either. We'd sleep under lots of covers, sometimes with hot water bottles at the bottom for our feet. In the morning, Grandmother would get up and hurry to light the large gas heater in the living room. When it was lit we'd all rush in there with our clothes to change in front of it. This stove was just wide enough for two to stand in front of comfortably. There would be 4 of us, so it was turned up high to spread the heat for this activity. There were no carpets in the dining room we had to pass through, so the wood floors were very cold on little feet. Sometimes we held our clothes in front of the heater to warm them up before putting them on. Even so this was a fun time for my sister and me because we started our mornings with two folk we loved better than just about anyone in the world and the morning chatter was fun. Then we'd help Grandmother make breakfast. :)

Sometimes I envy you all the wonderful family time you have. You are so blessed! Thank God! Please keep sharing the wonderful stories of your family times. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Friday I have a job interview. Tuesday I walked the 281/Henderson Pass shopping center and looked for help wanted signs in the windows. I brought home 2 paper applications and 2 cards that gave websites to apply on. Two hours after putting in the Radio Shack application online I got a call from the manager of the store in Rolling Oaks Mall and he wanted to set up an appointment time. So I'm to be there at 2:00. Please keep me in your prayers. If I get the job I'll be trained on all their products and will gladly work any hours they have as long as it doesn't interfere with my much needed church activities. The pay for a starting sales associate isn't much. About $7/hr plus occasional incentives for sales made, but they have benefits for full time employees and of course discounts on products. Even it I don't get full time work it will be some money coming in and I know you understand the importance of that. It would also go a long way towards making me feel useful again. Plus it would be working with the public which is something I need some experience with. I am both excited and nervous.

Did I tell you I took the Census employment exam? I did well on it. My raw score was 95 and with my 5 points veteran preference I should be getting a call from them the beginning of February when they start hiring. All jobs for that project last 5 to 10 weeks and pay 11.75/hr. I could work that job around the sales job and be bringing in some decent money for a little while. Prayers for that too would be appreciated. I'd rather work in the office than in the field. I'm directionally impaired and finding my way from place to place is very dicey. I'd do much better handling all the filing and data entry that is required for this huge project. Plus it is a government job and that looks good on the resume. So will the sales experience.

Sorry this is so long in the middle of your busy day.

Love you bunches and wish you were here to give me a comforting hug!


Sandi McBride said...

Oh wow, Lee...that sounds like us with out Grandparents...only it was a coal heated Ben Franklin stove, and Mammy always cooked the grits on it, even though she had an electric range. I loved this post...I know we just finished playing Scrabble, but I wanted to back in and read this so glad that I did!

Lee said...

LOL Sandi, your stories always sound so much more "frontier" that mine. I've never seen a coal stove, but I have used a gas cooking stove to keep a place warm before. Do that with an electric sometimes even today, if you put a pan of water on to steam it humidifies the air and makes the cold less harsh on the body. Probably not recommended for your body but it sure helps mine. :-)

So glad you decided to pop back and read this one. Thank you! Loved our scrabble games! Looking forward to some more today!


Count Sneaky said...

The Count would like to award you his Palm d'Or for the most beautiful website he has seen this month. It was hard for the Count to relate to the
Ben Franklin stove, but he had a happy childhood too albeit
many, many,years ago. Lovely. Count Sneaky

Lee said...

Thank you, Count Sneaky! That's a lovely award. How kind of you to think of and link to my offerings.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!