Saturday, May 16, 2009

Butterflies are Free and So Are My Evenings!

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Thank you so much for your patience with me not posting for 3 weeks. That job took a lot out of me! Now, thankfully, it is finished. Yay! My evenings are my own again!

So are my lunches. Before I started the evening job I could take an hour lunch on days I didn't have evening obligations, like choir practice. When you take an hour lunch you have time to spare. You aren't left with that rushing to eat and then get back to work feeling. Instead you can sit and work a sudoku or read a chapter or two. You can go outside and enjoy the day. Or you can sit and chat with other people at the lunch table and make friends. That's so soothing!

My boys were glad to see me when I got home yesterday. Hyram told me that waiting till 10:00 PM for his supper was not good for his digestion. Hooboo said my absence took away from his night time socializing. They both got spoiled last night. Hyram got extra treats, Hooboo went in and out several times, and I kept the sliding glass door open so that they could sniff the night air and feel at peace. My reward for this was to wake and find both cats on either side of me in bed this morning.

So what are my plans with this new found freedom? Well, I intend to get the desk cleaned off and do some better house keeping than I've had time for. I also plan on treating myself to a morning matinee today. It's been a while since I've gone to a movie and there's the new Star Trek movie out. That's just today though.

Another thing I hope for is renewed time to play scrabble with Sandi online. This is one of my favorite evening activities. We chat up a storm when playing and are often so busy chatting that we made a rule that we wouldn't extend each other's time so that we would get playing done too. (g)

Reading is also a goal. Sandi sent me a bunch of books to read and a work friend lent me another so there are about 7 books on my bed waiting for me to either start or finish them. Do you read more than one book at a time? I seem to lately. Right now I'm working on "Hide and Seek" by James Patterson and "Birsinger" by Christopher Paolini. There's also the short story "A Tiny Feast" by Chris Adrian which I printed off of "The New Yorker" website. My friend Susan gave me the link to that one.

Other things I hope to do with the evenings that are mine again are: update my resume, catch up on Internet TV watching, make it to Wednesday evening choir practices again, and more frequent blogging. Somewhere in there I need to finish my taxes. I was so rushed this tax season that I just filed for an extension and now I have time to look for a couple of documents. Plus I've got some pictures I want to share with you, but that will be another post. Enjoy the puzzle!


San said...

Welcome back, Lee. Your newfound down time sounds glorious.

Lee said...

Thanks San, it feels good to be back!

murat11 said...

Lee: Welcome back to fuller time blogging. I'm glad you'll have time for more of your pleasures now.

Bit o' trivia: I've not read the Adrian story, but I did read his first novel on the recommendation of one of my "pantheon" writers, Padgett Powell. Adrian studied in the MFA writing program at the University of Florida, the department that Padgett chairs. PP said that CA was one of those students who pretty much came in ready-made: you just needed to encourage and get out of the way of the brilliance.

Stella Jones said...

Welcome back. It sounds like you will have plenty to keep you busy now you have finished work!! Have fun.
Blessings, Star

Lee said...

:-) Thanks, Paschal! Tis glad I am to be back!

That's a nice bit of trivia! I'll pass it along to Susan who gave me the story. She likes him because now that she is teaching narriative medicine workshops his training and sensitivities fit right in with her own.


Lee said...

Thank you, Star! It does sound busy doesn't it? But I know the busy will be the kind I love! So that makes the effort seem naught!


Sandi McBride said...

Now it's time to relax and reclaim your sanity! I've been keeping it safe for you

Lee said...

LOL Oh! That's where I left it! No wonder, Sandi! I was acting very different at work. Even started to get a sense of humor. (shakes head) Unbelievable! LOL


Seamus said...

I always feel deprived if I don't have 4 or 5 books going at once and a book on CD in the car for good measure!

Lee said...

Now that, Seamus, I can identify with! As to which I read at any give moment seems to be based totally on mood. If one doesn't hold my attention for more than a page then I put it down and pick up another. :-)


Count Sneaky said...

I'm so glad you will have more time on your hands to enjoy your family and friends. The count will have a good bit of time on his hands recovering from the spinal-fusion operation which seems to have gone well. I am back to blogging a few hours a day and know that you are quite happy to have some blog time too. My best. Count Sneaky