Friday, October 15, 2010

Call Me Inspired

There is great news in blogland today. David McMahon of Authorblog is back! This was so exciting that it made me want to blog something too. That’s something I’ve not done in quite a while. I’m sorry that I was away for so long and I’ve no idea if I’ll be able to keep up steady and regular posts, but since I’ll be following David’s blog with near religious regularity I’ll surely be more inspired to write something too.

My last post talked about my mother’s stroke. She has spent quite a while in the nursing home wing of John Knox Village, the retirement community where she and Dad live. Right now she’s in the hospital, having had another stoke last Sunday. This one has affected her left side. We are taking things day by day. This is scary! It doesn’t matter how adult you are or together your life is, the thought of losing your mother is enough to bring you to tears. Attending the healing service at church this past Wednesday helped. So did telling my friends and church. Lots of praying is going on. I’m blessed to have Sandi as a friend. She and I had a chat about how to handle this and it really helped.

On the work side of life, I finished the 2010 Census job back in September. It was a lovely experience and one I’ll always remember with fondness. It seems to have given me a desire to work on mission oriented jobs, so when a friend of mine told me about a training program to create a workforce to convert the nations medical records from a pen and paper system into a modern database I jumped at the chance to help out. I’ve been accepted into the training program and will take 6 months of online classes. Onsite Tech Support is the job I’m aiming for since that’s where my work experience and education fit best. I’ve also kept my relationship with Pearson Education and will be scoring for them from time to time.

Mom’s birthday is the 23rd of October and if I don’t need to hurry down there before then I’ll be going to the Rio Grande Valley to see her and celebrate that day with her. She’ll be 87. It was going to be a festive gathering of her family, but my sister found reason to go down this past week so I may be the only daughter in attendance that weekend. That’s okay. I’ll spend lots of nice uninterrupted, unhurried quality time with Mom. We’ll visit with her friends, play games with Dad and others, and just chat. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a weekend!

Peace! Hope! & Joy!


Sandi McBride said...

well here it is early morning and Ive finally figured out how to log on in a motel and find you and your mother on my mind. You know I say a prayer for her everynight, and yes its wonderful news that we have David back in the fold! I'll call you later and tell you how the trip is going

david mcmahon said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Lee.

Yes, we're all blessed to have Sandi in our midst.

Hope you mother has a wonderful birthday.

jsd said...

I'm sorry to hear that your Mom had another stroke, and I hope she was able to celebrate her birthday with you.

The new opportunity to do onsite Tech Support does sound right up your alley best with the training!

Much Love

San said...

Lee, I've been away from blogging even longer than you. I'm sorry to hear about this latest setback for your mother and your family. You're in my prayers.

The new job opportunity really sounds like you. Best of luck with it!

david mcmahon said...

Lee, I hope your mother is on the mend. I'm a bit concerned because there have been no updates here.

Our thoughts are with you