Saturday, October 07, 2006

Comics and Comfort

In an earlier post, Comics and Ritual, I mentioned reading comic strips to start my day. Usually it's 3 of my favorites: For Better or For Worse, Rose is Rose, and Luann. Lately, For Better or For Worse has been putting out a story in which Jim, the grandfather of the family, has had a stroke and how it is affecting everyone. This isn't a cheerful subject for a comic strip to write about but, one of the things I like about For Better or For Worse is that it gives me insights into family dynamics, feelings, and how these can interact. The story line today was about how April, the granddaughter who is still at home, was worrying about her grandfather all day while she was in school. She was constantly seeing pictures of him in her head. The closing frame expressed, in the loveliest way, how simple a prayer can be. And how meaningful.

If you've been keeping up with this blog then you'll know that my best friend, deby, recently passed on. Today's comic went a long way towards making me feel better about missing her so much and remembering her a lot. Knowing that my remembering her echoes the thoughts of her friends and family, and that these thoughts don't go unheard, is also very comforting. Spiritual reminders like this are another reason I choose to make a ritual of reading the funnies. Plus I keep learning from them and that makes me feel good too. To read today's comic on the official web page go here.


Susan Palwick said...

Yes, that's a lovely strip. Thanks for sharing it!

God often speaks to me through popular culture, too: songs on the radio, TV shows, and lots of things that apparently have nothing to do with church.

Lee said...

You're welcome, Susan!

At church this morning, God was speaking today through a story one of our members told about going home. At the end of his story, about the choosing between staying where he was and going home to Texas and his destiny, they played the song Stairway to Heaven. The lyrics were posted up above the altar. I'd never gotten to really concentrate on them before. I had known it was an old acid rock song but I'd had no idea it was so spiritual even though it talked about heaven. Amazing.