Monday, October 02, 2006

Making connections with others a.k.a. networking

Yesterday I met my pet's future veterinarian. This nice young man, who just started his practice, used to be my rector's neighbor and was at our "Blessing of the Animals" service. While talking to him I asked where he got his degree from. His reply, "Texas A&M." The man is an Aggie. Yes! I say that proudly because I have a brother-in-law and sister who are Aggies. I also have many friends who are Aggies.

Aggies have a great tradition of going back to their alma mater every year or so and renewing friendships they have made while attending there. My brother-in-law graduated in the 80's and still goes back each year for football games and to see his buddies. What I've learned from watching my Aggie friends do this year after year is, "No one networks like the Aggies." This is part of what makes Texas A&M a great school. This is community at it's finest. It is not only good community but good business.

There are lots of excellent and well known colleges out there. Many of them have reputations that guarantee an open door and a high salary if you can legally put their name on your resume. The people I know from some of them are all brilliant at what they do. If I had the grades and money to get into these fine schools I would be proud to do so. But Texas A&M is a state supported college so it doesn't cost a fortune to attend and you don't have to be at the head of your graduating class to enroll. So, if you want to make life long friends and get a good degree in one of the fields that Texas A&M teaches, please consider going there.

My pet's future vet eagerly took down my brother-in-law's name and promised to look him up the next time the school had a veterinarian gathering. I've no doubt they will find one another somehow. Afterall, they are Aggies.

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