Saturday, July 07, 2007

Between jobs

Two posts back I wrote about the rain. Ten days later, it's still raining and there's more to come. Guess it's a good thing I like rain isn't it? (g) One of the nice things about all the wet weather is cooler temperatures. Cooler days mean I can keep the doors and windows open and the a/c off thus saving a hefty chunk on the electric bill.

Tuesday I had a session with the PC and it was raining horribly then too. Even though the rain made me late it didn't matter. We spent most of the hour putting together the telescope that a friend had given me when he moved. This was kind of exciting. Now I can look at stars on clear nights. It doesn't bother me that the city sky has a lot of light pollution. If I can see a single star or planet I can aim the scope and look at it. This is my first telescope, so there will be a learning curve as I get the hang of pointing it and focusing. The 'scope isn't in perfect shape. It's a Bushnell Telescope 450 and a few things are missing. It seems there is a lens missing from one of the aiming scopes and there may even be one of those missing. It was a nice kit when new. It came with 3 different magnification lenses and at least two aiming scopes. It has a nice stand with a tray between the legs that will hold all the different lenses and whatnot. Even without all the extras it will be a nice view once I get the hang of using it. I'm hoping that I can find the parts that need replacing somewhere.

Also on Tuesday, I visited a friend of mine and did a trade of books and DVDs. For the privilege of reading my copy of The Harlequin by Laurell K. Hamilton I got the use of several DVDs, among them: Dream Girls, The DaVinci Code, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Season 1 of Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds is one of my favorite TV series. The scripting is excellent and so is the directing and acting. I'd already seen some of the episodes from season 1, but that didn't matter. For two delightful days I watched the 3 discs with no commercials interrupting the storyline. To get that, I'll gladly see repeats. Yay for entire seasons on DVD! I'm beginning to understand why Susan prefers them this way. This won't keep me from watching the show on TV. I like seeing things when they first come out.

My friends JS and family should be back sometime this weekend. I've missed them and can't wait to hear about all the things they saw and see the pictures JS took.

The neighbors across the way invited me over on the 4th to work a Jigsaw puzzle. It was round with eggs and took the three of us two nights to complete. In return I have scrounged around and found my single puzzle which has needed putting together for several years. Hopefully we will have time to put that together too.

Next week promises to be somewhat full. I have a lab test at the clinic, my first guitar lesson, a visit with the PC, and if the rain stops I will be able to start star gazing. On the 30th of the month I start a new project at Harcourt. They will be doing another test and I will be on one team for about a week. Yay! A little more income for the summer season and something to keep me occupied.

And now, why did I pick a cup of hot chocolate and some candy for my image this time? Well, I have a similar series of images on the checks I use called Interludes. They show cups of coffee, a glass of wine, guitars, candles, an open book, all things we tend to think of as peaceful and rewarding. I think the past week or two has been that way for me. So consider the image my invitation to you to enjoy the days of summer and take every opportunity to fill your life with things that make you feel rich in experiences. Joy!


Susan Palwick said...

You have too much rain, and we don't have enough! Reno's in its "biggest little ashtray" mode again -- happens nearly every summer. The air's thick and smoky even though none of the fires are near us! Ugh!

I owe you e-mail. :-( I'll try to get to it soon!

And yes, TV shows are nice without the commercials, aren't they? Not to mention the pause button!

Lee said...

Very true, Susan. We do have too much rain. I'd gladly wish you some but I envy you your dry climate. When we don't have rain we have hot and muggy with a humidity level of 60 to 70 percent. :-( Not at all pleasant.

Having you in my inbox for either plain email or a comment is always a delight. I need to start a nice chatty dialogue with you. But the blogging about activities helps. (g)

Yes, I love the pause buttons. I also like the ease with which I can replay the scenes or just skip to the next one. So what's next in your to watch list?