Friday, July 20, 2007

The Random Eight

Not being sure I had 8 things I felt worth sharing I was holding back on accepting Susan's general tag for 8 random facts about yourself. But I'm being silly and this kind of thing is always fun. Plus my friend JS has posted hers so I've no excuse. (G)

Fact 1. I've been both very skinny and pretty fat in my life. My self image was better when I was fat than skinny. Having had a bad self image when I was skinny I perversely liked being big and curvaceous. That being said, I like me best when I can wear the same size on both bottom and top thus being able to put on that exquisitely elegant dress called a sheath.

Fact 2. The first story book I ever fell in love with was "The Stories of the Elizabeths" which told tales of women with that name through out history. My favorite one was about Queen Elizabeth. It seemed so romantic and exciting. That led to my love of English history and almost any story about kings, queens, princes and princesses. I'd like to spend the night in a castle someday.

Fact 3. I've never sung in the shower much, but when I was in college and taking drama classes my roommate (also a drama major) and I would walk across campus singing popular movie songs at the top of our lungs. Our favorites were from Camelot. "Tra-la! It's May! The lusty month of May!"

Fact 4. Because I almost took a degree in theater, I have this huge love of special effects. If you want me to enjoy a movie have lots of cool stunts and visuals like computer generated hurricanes and such. Balancing that is the fact that good scripting and acting are also important because without a good story the show is nothing.

Fact 5. The most romantic thing a guy ever did for me was read a story to me while I lay on the sofa with my head in his lap. We aren't dating anymore but that act will long stay in my memory as a sweetly generous and loving thing to do.

Fact 6. I'm terrible at any language other than English. I flunked French in college and, despite many public school and one college class in it, I don't remember any of my Spanish conjugations or vocabulary either. The only thing I remember from all the classes I took is how to say the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish. Even though I speak no languages other than English, I'd still like to travel to beautiful far away places.

Fact 7. My favorite vacation was the one I took when I was 16. My parents and I went to the San Juan Wilderness area in Colorado and backpacked. We covered 40 miles in 8 days. It was awesome.

Fact 8. I think of myself as a physical empath. I'm so into the physical realm that its a source of spirituality for me. I love to give massage and can hone in on muscle spasms without being pointed towards them by the recipient. I can feel music on and in my body so I love to sing, play, or dance. It just feels right. Like a rhythm that's part of life and breath. Even though I'm no musician and I'm not a licensed masseuse, I wouldn't want a life that didn't include being able to experience these things.


San said...

Lee, it is so awesome that you are a physical empath. When you finally have time for leisure reading, and after you've read all those other books you mean to get around to, you just might enjoy Awakening Intuition by Mona Lisa Schulz. She's an MD/PhD/medical empath. She's also pretty funny.

My random 8:
1. I was one of the top 10 magazine salesmen my senior year in high school--it was a promo for our senior trip. I took great pride in this since I'd been pigeonholed a "brain." 2. I'm in my second marriage, but we will celebrate our 21st anniversary in January! 3. I am interested in complementary medicine. 4. My father was an accountant. 5. I have experienced natural childbirth twice. 6. I myself was born breech and a poor sense of direction has dogged me ever since. 7. In 1982 I won a plane ticket to San Francisco and in a few months, moved there. 8. I have a dog, Trudy, whom we got at the shelter back in 1999 I believe. She's an Aussie shepherd/heeler mix.

Lee said...

Wow San! When you talk about yourself I keep finding things we have in common. Congratulations on being a good saleswoman. It is probably part of what makes your gallery successful. My father also was an accountant. He would have rather been a musician but when he married my mother he realized that he needed to support a wife and eventually children. However, music was always a part of our lives and a very special memory of times shared with him. Congratulations on picking a good'un the second time around! I hope I'm as lucky. While I wasn't born breach I was born with a grayish cast to my skin. My mother said they were worried about me when they saw that. I too have a very bad sense of direction. I can do right and left but not N, S, E, or W easily. For that reason I use Yahoo Maps because they give R & L for directions to go in and also tell you on which side of the street to look to find the house number you are looking for. (G)And my long time dog who sadly is no longer alive, was Dottie, a cross between a blue heeler and a Catahoula. She was a great dog and would go into this excited conversation with me when she wanted to or when a friend would come over she would do it with them. She also grinned...she actually pulled back her lips and smiled at people. It was funny because sometimes they weren't sure but she was always moving her head from side to side when she did that and was never growling or aggressive with my guests.