Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taking It To a New Level

My father used to play the ukulele. He was pretty good at it and many nights he would sit at the foot of my sister's and my twin beds and play for us. We would sing along and learned many songs from my father as he passed on a musical legacy. As my sister and I got older we picked up guitars and Dad switched over to that instrument to keep us company. We had some really great family music sessions when I was a teenager.

Since I'm going home for Christmas I'm taking my guitar with me. My father has declared that he has no idea where his baritone ukulele is and I think he gave away his guitar. So I'm also taking a second guitar.

While goofing around on the computer I decided to check out YouTube and see if there were any ukuleles being played these days. As it turned out there are tons of them. There are even ukulele orchestras in Europe. I listened to a few and then found this one very excellent duet by a couple of guys. The piece is an original of their own design. If you keep an eye on the guy on the left you will see that he not only plays the ukulele well, he plays it like a classical artist. So here you go with a really nice ukulele duet. Enjoy!


San said...

Lee, indeed, the duet takes my notion of the ukulele to a new level. I tend to associate "ukulele" with "Tiny Tim." Now I'll also think "ukulele orchestras," "classical ukulele," and most pleasantly, "Lee's dad playing the ukulele at the foot of her and her sister's beds."

What a great, feel-good image that is!

Thanks for the post. Peace and music.

Lee said...

Thanks San. Glad you liked it! I don't know if I can download the video for Dad to hear when I'm visiting but I intend to try on his dial-up. Hoping he'll find inspirations in it.


murat11 said...

George Harrison was a huge ukulele fan: had an extensive collection.

Lee said...

Thanks for sharing that Paschal. Did he ever play the ukulele in any of his music?


murat11 said...

From an Amazon review of the Brainwashed CD: "...if sometimes as trendy as high-button shoes, as his jaunty take on the Arlen/Koehler chestnut, "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea", with George on ukulele and Jools Holland on roadhouse piano ably demonstrates."

murat11 said...

Very nice video: definitely puts the uke in a different context altogether. "Mele Kalikimaka."

Lee said...

Mele Kalikimaka & Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to you too Paschal! Glad you liked the video. :-)

Peace! Hope! & Joy!