Friday, May 16, 2008

Bright Colors, Beauty, and Activity Help

It's been days since I posted anything. Sorry about that! I've been in a blue funk! Yeah, that picture above of "Misty Coastline and Sea Stacks" by Corbis/Punchstock pretty much fit my mood. Life can get sad and scary you know? I don't want to sound sorry for myself, but I'm going to be going through an emotional adjustment for a while; and it isn't something I want to do, but part of the reason is something I'm glad to see happening.

My life is still in flux from the not finishing student teaching. That will have to be handled at sometime and soon. I keep meaning to get back to work on redirecting my life but right now I am involved in a job that has me sitting all day scoring tests for Pearson and at the end of the day I'm just exhausted. So I still have the dreaded but exciting job search to kick off and complete.

To add to that, my best friend, JS, the one God put into my life, is going to Vermont to become a priest. And while I love that she has gotten a great job to move her and her family up there (becoming a priest can be a long process), and has a huge house to move into, I'm also gonna really miss sitting next to her at breakfasts on Sunday and taking notes together in Sunday School. Or dropping by for something or other to visit with her, and her wife and kids. I'm gonna have to find someone else to hang out with which will mean I'll probably be bouncing from acquaintance to acquaintance for a bit. I guess right now that's a good thing because I can get really insular when I've found a comfortable niche. But like I said, I'm really excited for her and we've promised to stay in touch even though she will be way up north. So it isn't all bad. I'm not losing a friend, I'm just seeing her off.

On the positive and active side, I'm planning on becoming a Verger for my church. If you want to know what a Verger is go here. I won't be alone in this. There are four other people who want to be vergers and they are all men. Yep, I'm to be the sole woman verger at my church. There will be a course of study to follow and a test to take. I'll be mentored by the present verger, Ted, and Robert, our priest. I'm hoping this will move me further into my church community and get me more involved. I'm already a Lay Eucharistic Minister(LEM) and on Altar Guild, so that will help with my new responsibilities.

A short bit about LEM duty. On Wednesday, I was supposed to help with the Healing Eucharist by supporting out priest as he lays hands on, anoints, and prays over those who attend the service asking for healing for themselves or others. Well, Robert had gone out of town and no one who was ordained showed up to take his place. Neither did our seminarian, Lisa who worked with me last time to do the service when Robert was unavailable. So there I was, in my robes, with three people in attendance. I had to do some kind of service all on my own. Eek! By church rules, I'm not allowed to officiate at Eucharist so we didn't do the communion. I am allowed to do Morning and Evening Prayer Rites. So, that is what I did, combining part of Evening Prayer Rite II with the prayers for healing from the regular healing service. And once I got started it went ok. The scriptures to be read that evening seemed to fall in line with the requests of the people, a sign I took to mean God was in attendance, and everyone was familiar with the service so we were able to do what was needed and tend to all there after a fashion. That was my first time doing a Prayer Service with people in attendance. I was scared at the start but when I was done I felt good about how it went. Now I know that I can handle it and will be ready should it ever happen again.

Ok, so that's activity. On the inactivity side, I've got a 3 day weekend and am resting up. Yes, I could have been scoring and making overtime. But my project has ended, I'm scheduled for another one on Monday, and I felt that I needed the time off to recoup my energy and try to take care of myself for a few days. So that's what I'm doing and why I'm blogging now.

It isn't that I haven't been thinking about blogging. I have been. I've just been too exhausted and blue to think of anything to say. However, I do have a couple of bright pictures to share. They are both Jigzone jigsaw puzzles. One I worked about 5 days ago and the other one I did this morning. So I'm going to embed them here.

Click to Mix and Solve

This first one just attracted me so strongly. I love it's strong bright colors and maybe I'm crazy but the light seems to glow through the petals of this lovely Icelandic Poppy. So that was the earlier one I wanted to share.

Click to Mix and Solve

Here's the other one. It's full of flowers and that Butterfly just looks ready to take off doesn't it? I love bright colors. I also love butterflies and all things winged. That winged group includes angels, fairies, dragons, kites, and anything else you can put into the sky. Hmmm...if I believed that I had past lives I'd almost think I might have been a sky creature in one of them.

Please enjoy the puzzles. I get them daily and now use them to share daily bits of news with my mom to whom I send an email of that day's puzzle so that she and I can share them long distance. Cheers!


San said...

Lee, I'm glad you have the three-day weekend to rest. I know how sad it is to see a good friend move across the country. This happened to me last fall when the woman I thought of as my best friend had to relocate for a career opportunity. How I miss those conversations over morning coffee and lunch! Yes, we're in touch. I know that you and JS will stay in touch too.

Thanks for providing the link on vergers. The first woman verger at your church--you're stepping into your power, Lee. That's awesome. I am most proud of you.

And you know you are in my prayers regarding your career. I am envisioning your future as bright as your butterfly and flower puzzles, once the pieces are fitted into place.

murat11 said...

Lee: Welcome back to BlogWorld. The blue image is actually rather nice. But then, I'm big on blue. Not necessarily feeling blue (no fun), but the color blue.

Be well.

Lee said...

Thanks San! God I love it that we've shared so much in experiences. It really makes you some of the best company. Let me know when you aren't too busy with graduating daughters to take a phone call. :)

Rest indeed! I've slept the afternoon away. It felt good but while waiting for the balm of sleep I finished my last new book. Now I've got an excuse to hit B&N and use that coupon they sent me. :)

Verger reminds me of an area I've always been good at, paying attention to details. And I'll get some good examples of diplomacy.

Thank you for the prayers, they mean so much!


Lee said...

Thanks Paschal! Feel free to right click and save that image. It makes good wallpaper.

I've missed the blog world. There's too much I've not done in it of late. Glad to be back!


jsd said...

i like the picture - it's rather soothing...not going to lose a friend, i'll be just a phone call/email away.

i'm glad you're stepping into new roles.

Lee said...

Thanks, JS! Yep, I'm gonna call regular. If my cell phone bill gets bigger it's because I added enough anytime minutes to afford calls to VT. :)


Sandi McBride said...

It's about time you took a rest for're up so early and still up and going past 10...I'm learning a lot about your faith and it's all so interesting how the Church encourages the community to participate in it's teaching...I hope your blue days are over, you seem to have a handle on this thing, so I'll try not worry about you, but don't be surprised if when we are in I/M I ask about what color your day is!
your pal