Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Quiz That Got it Right!

Middle of the road! That's me. I've always decided to go my own way and not side with the left or the right. There's more fun to be had picking from the best of both worlds than from joining a side. And today I went back to that site of quizzes which told me I was a crossword puzzle and discovered whether I was an Uptown or Downtown girl! My results are below.

You Are Midtown

You love so many things, you don't fit into any one label.

Your city girl persona goes to a fancy restaurant one night and a dive bar the next.

Feel free to take it too and then join me as we plan our All Around Town night out!


San said...

I'm midtown too. I like the funky ethnic joint and the museum with offbeat modern art, but I'll take a building with a doorman please.

Lee said...

Ah, great choices, San. I'm with you on the funky ethnic joint. I probably got my midtown label because I chose Columbia and Classical Art works. The rest of mine were pretty downtown.


murat11 said...

We live in the same building, folks. And I look just like the picture of the 24 year old Meryl Streep lookalike. I figure, if I'm spending out the wazzoo on college either way, might as well go Ivy.

murat11 said...

I would, however, have preferred funky town as a choice.

Lee said...

LOL Well yeah, Paschal! I'd have preferred to live in NYC too. Never been there, but it's on my list of places to visit and explore thoroughly. Welcome to the neighborhood! So, what Ivy Tower topics would you pursue if you could go again in this lifetime?


murat11 said...

Oh, I would NEVER want to live in NYC: way too much crushed humanity for me tastes. When I return to college, it will be to study and memorize the collected works of John Berryman, write fiction under the mentoring of the ageless Grace Paley, and work on keeping my 24 year old Meryl Streep lookalike looks.

Lee said...

That's cool. I probably wouldn't want to for long but I'd like to live there long enough to sort of learn my way around and get a good feel for the place. Maybe a semester or so.

Love your topics. Sounds like a plan. I shall wait eagerly for your published works to come out.

Ah, in the middle of comments, blogging, and other things I discover one more meme to do. Sigh! The memes of eternity. LOL