Monday, August 25, 2008

Newsy Bits

Church of Reconciliation Episcopal, my church for the past 6 years, is having their 40th birthday party in December. We held the organizational planning meeting yesterday. I'm on the liturgy committee. Celebrations will last almost a week and there's an air of excitement all around.

My poor kitties who've been fighting off flees, Hyram more so than Hooboo, are seeing the Vet on Wednesday morning. Before then I've got to get Hooboo his own carry case. He's smaller than Hyram so I guess it can be smaller than his.

There's a scoring job at Pearson lasting 2 weeks in September. I'm signed up for it and get trained for a half day tomorrow. Productive activity! Yay!

Last night I finished reading "The Joys of Love" by Madeleine L'Engle. It's a pretty good coming of age story. Overall the feel was less complicated than her other fictional writings. The writing seemed more straight forward and the ending while adequate was almost, but not quite, abrupt. I wonder why she didn't publish it. From what I read about it's publishing, it was kept by her for a long time and her granddaughters are responsible for its being published now. If you'd like to visit her website go here.


Sandi McBride said...

Hurray on the JOB...hope you get the kitties all fleafree again. Advantage is wonderful! And I stuff the kiddies beds with cedar chips, too...even the outdoor kiddies...

Lee said...

Thanks Sandi! I'm sure they will be fleafree soon. The vet uses Frontline but Advantage is good too. Wish I had beds for the kitties. They sleep where they want, in bed with me, on a pile of clothes, high on the chest of drawers perch.

Sorry I missed you online earlier. I was out and about. Also missed a call from the career counselor at UTSA. Bad word!


jsd said...

Yeah REC!! Yeah Lee! And maybe those 2 weeks will lead to something more long term.

Lee said...

LOL Maybe the two weeks will lead to a renewed love of being very busy, JS!


San said...

Your church sounds like a special place, Lee. December will really be eventful there, what with the BIG FOUR O and Christmas rolled into the same month.

Gainful employment--congratulations.

Fleas be gone! And Peace.

murat11 said...

Congrats on the P-gig.

The Rec party will be fun...

Lee said...

Thanks Paschal. It looks to be interesting. The training was yesterday and I finished it with flying colors.

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the Rec celebration. Woo Hoo!