Monday, November 02, 2009

From Joy to a Dangling Feeling

Last Monday the Census called to ask me to go back to work for them. Of course I said yes! I really liked the job and the people I worked with earlier this year.

The man who called asked me to start last Friday for training. So bright and early that morning I was up and out the door. The day was wonderful! It felt like a home coming! There were lots of familiar faces, catching up on what we’d been up to, finding out what was going to happen next, and nodding with one another that this or that was no surprise.

We were told to come back today and that there would be continued training. So today I got up and happily headed out the door to continue learning what would be expected of me. Everyone was excited and happy when we met at the office door, waiting till it was unlocked and the alarm was disarmed to go in and get started. That feeling didn’t last long. We were barely inside the door when the supervisor asked us to listen to her before we got started. It turns out our bosses jumped the gun and had started us working a bit too early. We were being asked to turn around and go home. What?!!!

The supervisor assured us we were still hired. She said we would be called later this week and told where to report next Monday. She handed us all time sheets and asked us to fill them out for today and we got log half an hour of time and mileage if we’re working for a different office. So the day isn’t a total loss. It just feels unsettling.

I’m giving up a different temporary job to take this Census one because this one is going to give me steady work, probably through summer of next year. I’m really excited about that! But not having work when I expected to just bothers me and I feel like I don’t know what to do with myself. So I’m trying to figure out what I can do to fill in the time. Handle paperwork I guess. Run a few errands. But I really don’t want to do much spending till I’ve got money coming in.

One thing is puzzling me. Every time I’ve worked a temporary job before, if I showed up for work I was given a minimum of 4 hours of time. If there was nothing to do I found a way to stay busy. This 30 minute thing has me wondering if they should have had us all fill the time sheets out for 4 hours instead of the 30 minutes. I don’t know if that’s a labor requirement set in stone by some law or just a standard policy which can be ignored by the hiring agency. Like I said, kind of unsettling. So I’m trying to figure out if I should be grateful for what we were given or if I should say something. If you know something about that kind of situation I’d really appreciate hearing what you have to say. In the meantime, thank God for work!



Jinksy said...

The other viewpoint, is that you were given the rest of the day as a gift! Free to spoil yourself by reading that book you've been waiting to start, or clearing some clutter that's been bugging you on some level, or simply listening to some favourite music - really listening, not while trying to do something else at the same time! Whatever you choose, enjoy it! xxx

Lee said...

Thanks Jinsky! That's a great way to look at things. In fact, I've got the whole week off and will use it just as you suggest. Find fun and interesting things to do while I've got the time. You're awesome! XXX

Sandi McBride said...

Not knowing anything about those requirements, I'm no help to you on this one Lee, but on the other hand looking at my first sentence I see the work "knowing" is a seven letter word, which is a bingo if complete unto itself and if I start it on Not, the first word in the sentence I can make Knot...which puts me in mind of Scrabble...and soon as I go post, I'm gonna give you a nudge and we'll play a nice's that sound? Maybe it's selfish of me, but knowing you're home the rest of the week means more scrabble play...sigh...I told you, selfish!
hugs anyway

Lee said...

LOL Don't think you're alone in that selfishness of loving a good game of scrabble with a great friend. I could happily play with you till we are both brain dead and still want more!

Thanks for the scrabble perspective on those words. I may find in handy some time. In the mean time I can probably research labor laws and see if it's a requirement.


jsd said...

Sorry to hear that, that's a downer.

Lee said...

Hey JS, yeah it is a bit of a downer but I'm filling the time with practical stuff. And the good news is that I'll work till September if all goes as planned.