Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happiness is a Playful Cat

Stray Porch Kitty, these days affectionately called Hooboo, made his presence felt this morning. When he thinks it’s time to get up, usually just before the alarm goes off, he gets up on the bed and either makes bread on my shoulder (thank goodness for comforters) or lays down on top of me and settles in to wait for signs of wakefulness. Today it went a little beyond that. If you read Sandi's blog you’ll remember that just this weekend she talked about her cats and how Sonny gets up on the bed, plays with Mac, and then snuggles under the covers to play “bat nose” with her. This morning it seemed that Hooboo has developed his own version of that game. From his settled perch upon my upper body his little paw reached down to tentatively pat my cheek and then my nose. Yes there was one tiny claw sticking out. He was very gentle until I reached up to pet him. Then the game became attack the hand which drove me back under the covers. LOL He didn’t hurt me but I was very glad for fast reflexes. And doubly grateful for a loving cat who likes to be close to me in the early morning hours. What a fun way to start the day.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!


Sandi McBride said...

there's nothing like being awakened by a playful pup or cat...they're nonjudmental, always glad to see you and in their eyes you are a god...it puts the cherry on top of my day, so glad you have that feeling, too!

Buffy said...

My stray 12 yrs. ago, chewed up by coyotes, does the same thing. Kneads my down housecoat, bats my nose, caresses my cheek, lays on top of me in bed in the morning. He too had needle nails, but when we're both relaxing with him on my lap, I've gained his confidence in touching and massaging his feet and eventually him letting me cut those needle nails. Nothing gets pulled from those needle nails any more.

Buffy said...

See my blog: Through Buffy's Eyes and you can play with my kitty there who purrs and meows. Have fun. It's the cutest thing.

Lee said...

LOL Me too, Sandi! Play makes the heart laugh and feel young again.


Lee said...

Hi Buffy, I'll have to work to get his trust for that. He lets me handle the paws a bit but doesn't want much of it yet. Thanks for the good suggestion. Aren't our babies wonderful, they are so loving.


Unknown said...

Kitties truly are a gift. I have a cat that loves to creep under the covers and knead/drool/purr for hours at a time. I wouldn't trade him for anything!

San said...

What a sweet post, Lee. That IS a fun way to start the day. Funny. My word verification is FERST.

Lee said...

Sarah, I used to have one of those too. Her name was Lady Grey and she would pretend to be the caved kitty under my knees with covers creating a nice cozy hole to hide in.

San, yes, it is a wonderful way to wake in the morning. Last night Hooboo did something even more amazing. He took over my arms and chest and just stayed there being held and loved. :D