Saturday, January 30, 2010

Firefox & Blogger or Being Careful with Add-ons

Recently I updated to the latest (greatest?) version of Firefox, that being version 3.6. It immediately disabled IE Tab and one or two other extensions a.k.a. add-ons. Oops! I’d been using IE Tab to see my blog because I thought there had been a problem with Firefox and Blogger. I’d been losing the right hand column of my blog in Firefox and IE Tab was my current workaround.

Then last night I opened and read Sandi’s blog and heard her playlist which she has on the right side (same as I do) and wondered why I could hear her blog and not mine. So I started researching. The first thing I did was email Terry to see if he had any advice. He took a look, with 4 different browsers no less, and had no problems with my blog so he suggested I clear the cache. That’s Blogger’s usual advice too so I tried it but it didn’t help. Then I got a clever idea. Why not try disabling add-ons to see if any of them were the problem.

Wow, what I discovered would make almost 2 posts. First off I had way too many Java Consoles installed. Apparently when you update Java it doesn’t overwrite the old console but just adds a new one on. I’m down to just the latest Java Console and the Java Quick Start add-on. That works fine so no problem there.

Then I disabled everything else and restarted the browser. My blog showed fully and the playlist I’d been missing played beautifully. So I started enabling add-ons one at a time and found the culprit. It was Ad Block Plus. That’s a sweet add-on and I’m going to miss it because I hate ads being stuck willy nilly all over the pages I’m viewing and this baby took care of that. But lately it seems to be messing with Java and Flash content so I guess I’m better off without.

Then I googled “Firefox add-ons that cause problems with blogger” and got this fantastic page by Mozilla. It lists the extensions that cause problems, what they mess up, and gives a workaround. How helpful of them to put that up. It was even dated as recent as December 10, 2009 so it’s very current. Yes, Adblock and Adblock Plus were on the list. It also told me why my browser sometimes gave a message of Firefox is still running when I’d shut it down and then tried to restart it. That little snafu was thanks to Cooliris which is another neat add-on but I can do without too. So that’s gone now too.

Now my add-on list is much pared down and I’m happy with the way the browser is working again. I hope that link helps if you are having any problems with Firefox.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!


Fletch said...

I haven't checked my email yet, but it looks like you didn't need my help after all!

Good job tracking down the problem(s). The only add-on I have for FF is 'Firebug'. Absolutely indispensable for troubleshooting browser problems.

Sheeesssh! Hate it when I don't feel wanted .....

Lee said...

LOL Don't feel wanted? Terry, your expertise may not be needed at the moment but I'd be very disappointed if you disappeared off the face of my blog world.

I'll have to go looking into Firebug. Not that I do that much trouble shooting but you never know. That kind of utility can come in very handy I imagine.


San said...

Glad to hear that things have settled down on the technological front as well as the feline front, Lee. Now, let that cold get out of your system, and life will be good indeed.


Lee said...

Me too, San! Me too. And Amen to the cold. Now if I could just get other people to not come to work sick. We should make it a rule and add it to the health bill. LOL


Virgtastic said...

Glad I'm still catching up on old blogs and read this post. It reminded my to go through my programs to delete old stuff. I ALWAYS forget that Java doesn't override their old versions. Thank you!