Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Two Cat Nights

Even though they’d been sniffing noses through the screen door and seemed interested in being friends, when I adopted Hooboo, rescuing him from his “stray porch kitty” status, he and Hyram developed an instant competition. They fought, Hyram stole Hooboo’s food, Hooboo would steal the wrap around my ankles time, and they’d rarely share a bed together. Hyram actually kept watch for Hooboo’s arrival and left when he entered the room. That is until recently. I don’t know what changed but for the past two nights I’ve had both cats on the bed. Sunday night it was one on either side of me. Last night they were actually sharing the comforter and less than a foot apart. Dare I hope that I’ve now got a cat family?

In other news I’m fighting a cold and it’s taking its usual course. Following a nurse friend’s advice I was trying to “let it run through me” and avoiding decongestants until the need for sleep precluded that and I gave in. Prayers for health are appreciated.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!


Fletch said...

They'll work it out.

And I'm sure that they will let you know when they perceive that one is getting more attention than the other.

But you will have to try to be scrupulously fair ...

Jeni said...

About the cold -I got one way back in early January, which morphed its way into hanging around longer by becoming a sinus infection (and a cough) but it's starting to ease up a bit now. Thankfully.
Cats -another story! Here, we have Nina the Mama cat, Chino, daughter of a cat that disappeared over a year ago, Fluffer-nutter, a kitten from Nina's last litter and Sammy, the dog. Sammy is a late-comer to the family, having arrived in November. Adjusting to three cats, for him, was a scary ordeal as the two grown cats, especially Nina, hated him -still do, pretty much. But he and Fluffer-nutter eventually became friends and what friends they are too. Chasing each other at mad-cap speeds through the house, up and down on the furniture, knocking all kinds of stuff over and finally, when they are all tuckered out, they both curt up in a ball, on a throw cover that is under my computer desk and sleep together then. Too darned cute!

Lee said...

Yep, Terry, they already do. Especially about food and possession of my ankles. And I do. But Hyram is such a complainer. Sheesh! LOL


Lee said...

Hi Jeni, glad to hear your cold is getting better. Lucky you the enthusiasm and excitement those young critters create. Wish I had the space for mine to romp around like that.


jsd said...

Seems the two may have finally come to terms with each other :) It took Diego and Darth Vadar awhile to warm to each other...I think it took a year actually.

Take the Nurse's advice...lots of fluids - LOTS, and OJ too. Hope you recover quickly.

Lee said...

Thanks JS, Doing my best to do just that. Lots of fluids and oj, and plenty of rest.

Yeah, I'm hoping they are finally becoming adjusted to one another. Hooboo still throws his claws in Hyram's face but it seems to be more his getting rid of anger at not getting his way then at Hyram. Little bully.


San said...

I hope you're feeling better, Lee.

How sweet that Hooboo and Hyram have made it past the sibling rivalry stage. They must be smarter than most humans.

Lee said...

San, I'm feeling much better. Like your point on the social challenges of mankind. Don't think we can chalk their success up to lack of subtlety.


Sandi McBride said...

I was so delighted to hear your voice yesterday (again, Happy Birthday, dear friend)...the cold didn't sound nearly as evident, I think you may have kicked it's butt! I figured out what was going on with the "kids"...they are teaming up so you don't even think about bringing in the newest Patio Chap" lol!

Lee said...

Hmmm...I think you may have it there Ms Sandi (Sherlock). Hooboo doesn't seem to mind playing with the porch kitty but I don't think he really wants to share all he has. I did see the kitty do the submissive posture, so who knows, things might change. :-)

I was delighted to hear your voice too, my good friend! And yes, the cold seems to be mostly kicked. At least enough to get the piggy flu shot. LOL


Patrisha said...

I had a cat that i took in in a similar way and the thing is, you have to realise that cat language is not the same as ours - what looks like ignorant or spiteful behaviour can in fact be the normal catty way. One will have to be higher in the pecking order than the other, this will be most obvious over the food bowls. As far as bed sharing is concerned - there will be a place on the bed which is more highly prized, the high status bed-time kitty will probably be the one closest to you. If you watch for these natural organisational choices they make and take care not to interfere your cats will be friends and protectors for life - if they didn't think they were a family already one would have really, really, really, really HURT the other one!
Hey - hope that cold's cleared up by now.