Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bright bits

Even though I am still fighting that darn cold, spots of joy keep coming.

  • Today I get to do the Daily Office at my church a.k.a. Morning Prayer.
  • A friend of mine has started her own blog and put a link to mine on it.
  • Even better, she called me a "good" friend in it. (G)
  • My friend, Susan, has asked to use one of my posts in her Carnival of Hope.
  • A teacher who works with one of my students liked an idea I had for helping the student and we are in the process of implementing it.
  • I'm still getting warm fuzzies from the expression of love my cousin sent in his email.
Ok...that is more than the 5 blessings the book Simple Abundance suggested. The blessings journal, which Susan also suggested, falls in line with that thinking. And I have now finished another post for my blog which I always find a pleasure in and of itself.

Peace, Hope, and Joy!

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