Thursday, September 07, 2006

Update on the cold cure thing

This morning I followed my friend Susan's suggestion and Googled the Echinacea Ginger Syrup. The only place I could get it was from the manufacturer. The syrup doesn't cost that much. For 4 oz. it was $11.21 USD which was cheaper than I paid for it at SunHarvest last time I could find any. Their shipping at first looked horrible until I found the US Priority Mail. That was under $7 so I will get well when the syrup arrives. The manufacturer is Nutrition World which is based in Florida. I didn't like their website much. No descriptions of the product. No offers of catalogs. The McAfee site rating gave it a red banner due to links to places which have spy wear. Nevertheless, they just sent me an order confirmation email. Checkout was encrypted once I reached the point of paying. It wasn't when I entered shipping info. So I hope this turns out ok. If you like their stuff maybe you can find it in a store. If you have had good experiences ordering from them please let me know. I could use some reassurance on this one.

Last night I went to bed about 7 pm and stayed there till I had to get up this morning shortly after 5 am. Hopefully that really long sleep will do a lot towards my energy level. In the meantime I am running behind in my reading for my classes because of this cold. So if I am in any of your prayers please add that to the litany about me. Thanks.

Peace, Hope, and Joy!


Susan Palwick said...

I'm glad you found the stuff on the web, Lee, and I hope the order goes okay! I'm sure it will, though. And of course speedy healing for you is in my prayers!

Lee said...

Thanks Susan! I really need it. Today I ran a fever at work and almost went home but a couple of Motrin brought it down far enough that I could stay. A fellow employee chewed me out for being there when I was sick. So tomorrow I am going to the doctor and calling in sick as a result.'d think a week would have taken care of this cold, especially with all the rest I have been giving it. Guess it is time to look at the syllabii for absence policies as I think I will probably miss Saturday's classes.

Peace and all prayers gratefully welcomed.