Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bye-Bye Spring Break

The week has passed. Tomorrow I arise bright and early to go back to work. I can't decide if the past week has been a break or not. Sure, I was off work. But I had plenty of school work to catch up on and several errands that had been waiting. Not all of it got done.

The school work is partially done. I got two short papers written. Now I need to start researching the 2 big papers. Said research is partly done but I still need to organize it and get my thoughts in order. I looked at the course schedule and found that I have another week before the test (open book). Whew!

The errands got divided up over the week. There was a dental checkup, a visit to the pastoral counselor, and my car went to the shop for its safety inspection plus oil change. When I got home I took the time to renew the vehicle registration so I am set for the next year.

This coming week is early release for 3 of the 5 work days. Last year the aids stayed till the end of the regular work day even though there wasn't a whole bunch to do. I have visit #2 with the counselor on Tuesday, so I need to leave a little early. I'll try to skip lunch and thus avoid any shortage of hours.

One of the fun things I did this past week was go to see Pan's Labyrinth. While I liked the movie, I was a little confused by some of it. It shows in rather realistic fashion what it was like to live in Spain during the end of the Franco period. That's pretty horrific. You get to see people get hurt, tortured and generally mistreated all because they were born peasants. The movie also has pretty neat fantasy scenes as the young girl the movie centers around goes through her trials to prove she is the fairy princess the faun claimed she was. What confused me was that I was never sure if the girl's entries into the Labyrinth had a parallel in the real world of brutality. The movie didn't turn out the way I expected it to, so there is a surprise ending if you go watch it. (g) I recommend this one. It is a nicely done movie and won several academy awards.

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