Thursday, March 15, 2007

Getting Started

Tight gut
Grinding teeth
Merry-go-round thoughts

I've got things to do!

Scribbled words
reaching out
tumbling emotions

I've got things to do!!

Pushed focus
Over analyze
Web search

Ah, there's a direction!

timid prayer
read, think
Begin now?

I've got things to do.


San said...

Cool, Lee.

You really capture that frantic feeling we've all add--where do I start???

The repetition works. Plays up that frazzled energy. Then "Ah, there's a direction!" is a nice, unexpected turn.

Lee said...

Thank you, San! Frantic feeling was exactly how I felt when I wrote that poem.

Sometimes I can use the energy of deadline pressure to motivate me to kick into high gear. That was part of what you heard in the poem.

Glad you liked it.