Monday, April 30, 2007

Perspective on a high-stakes game.

It's over. Tonight was it for the college side of my life; this semester is at an end. I turned the last paper in on Saturday. I took my final exam this evening. There is nothing more that I can do to affect my grades. Even though I don't know them yet, I feel a huge sense of relief.

So here I am sitting at home posting about grades while watching Deal or No Deal on TV. The girl on the stage is down to a really good board. She won't go home with less than $50,000. She won't leave with more than $200,000. She is trying to pay off Pharmacy school plus quite a bit in student loans. She might as well go for the whole banana. She almost can't lose. There is a dual perspective here that seems a little surreal.

My grades are going to be good. In one class I have an A. In the other class I have no clue. Still, I have faith. The teacher didn't provide any grades from any of the projects to judge my success with. but from things she has said..."you all get credit for this one"..."the last part of your paper really flowed".....and she gave me leeway where she hadn't made clear her expectations I think I will do ok. I did my best. I may get a B. I don't think I'll get less. I'm hoping for an A.

Ok, the girl on Deal or No Deal went away a winner. She took home $83,000, which was more than the $50,000 in her case. I will go away with passing grades and move on to student teaching in the fall. The Deal or No Deal girl, Hailey, no doubt feels a huge sense of relief. She is out from under all that pressure.

So am I. (g)

Finally I can breathe. I still have a couple of things to do. I need to apply for student loans for next fall. I need to set up my placement folder with resume and recommendations at the Student Placement Office. To minimize the drainage on my savings I should seek a summer job...I'm thinking a temporary agency to set my own time frame. But you know...I plan on taking the time to read a few good books now. I have no texts to read, no papers to write, no tests to study for, and there's only 4 more weeks of public school and I'm off for the summer. Yay!

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