Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fun bit of silliness

Spiderman3 has opened. While I couldn't make the midnight opening, I am a fan and hope to see it soon, but not before the lines have thinned a little. In the mean time, I got my dose of superhero trivia on today. This website, about all kinds of faiths, has clips from the film, a review complete with spoilers, and a blog post on its pop culture & religious status. They also have a fun quiz on spirituality among the superheroes. I'm not a trivia know-it-all so I missed a few (got 7 out of 12 right). No surprise there, but I learned a fact or two taking the test. If you want to have some fun and take it yourself go here.

Hmmm...I wonder how my friends Susan and JSD would do? Tag!


jsd said...

Well, I got 6 correct. And the out of the correct ones only one of my answers wasn't a complete guess.

Susan Palwick said...

Hi, Lee! I got seven out of twelve too, but most of my correct answers were either guesswork or sheer luck, since I'm not particularly into comics. Fun quiz, though! Thanks for tagging me!

Lee said...

Hi JS & Susan,
Thanks for taking it. I don't claim to be sharp on this stuff. Some of mine were guesses too. I think the only reason I got some of them right was because I saw all the Spider-man flicks and also all the X-men ones. I guess I have to rent and watch the Fantastic Four stuff now. Gotta keep up. Gives me something to talk with my students about.