Monday, April 20, 2009

3rd Sandi Update

Sandi went home this weekend. She was supposed to spend the time resting and had her family arrive to give her comfort and support on Sunday. If I know Sandi, she over estimated the amount of energy she was going to have...which might explain why she hasn't put up a post about being gone for so long. Her doctor told her to rest for 3 weeks, no gardening. You gotta know that's gonna be hard for her to follow. I'm working two jobs this week and the next so I'm going to be hard pressed to read blogs much less write a post. But if I don't hear from her shortly I'm going to call between jobs or on a break and find out how things are going.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!


Jeni said...

Lee - I just read a short semi-explanatory post by Sandi and she thinks she'll be able to do a full explanation, etc., in a post tomorrow. Hope she doesn't overdo it, ya know! But boy, it was good to see her at least put up the post she did today!
Thanks for providing the updates during her illness and hospitalization. That meant a lot to me to have some clue as to what happened, how she was doing, etc.

Count Sneaky said...

The Count is very glad to know Sandi is home.Having been in her position two or three times, I know how important it is to rest and not do anything if you can help it that is the least bit stressful
or that requires any amount of sustained effort. My best wishes to you both. Count Sneaky

introspection said...

Lee, you are such a super friend of Sandi's. she is one lucky girl. I wish I too had a friend like you.
great girl.

San said...

Lee, you're busy these days. And sounding good.

I'm glad Sandi's home and hope she'll go easy on herself.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Thank you for the updates. I'm glad Sandi is feeling better.

Jules~ said...

Hi there Lee,
Wow the world is feeling smaller and smaller. I didn't realize that you and Sandi knew one another. How cool! That is so nice that she can look to you for such an uplifting friendship and encouragement.

You mentioned on my post that you are familiar with snowbirds. It certainly is a different way of life isn't it. My mother-in-law says it was so hard to travel around and keep reminding themselves not to spend money like they were on vacation all the time..

Blessings to you today.