Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sandi Update

Just got off the phone with Sandi! She's doing fine and ate her first meal since Monday. The surgery went much better than even the doctors expected. They didn't have to cut anything much and successfully inserted a tube which is draining the infection. She says she will probably be home Monday and will post as soon as she can after her return. I think there is supposed to be a post on her blog, put there by her son, which gives some news too. She's got a great family! She said, "Thanks for all the prayers!"

Peace! Hope! & Joy!


Jeni said...

Thanks so much Lee for posting about Sandi's medical concerns and letting us all know too how she is doing. When you talk to her again, tell her I'll be here, waiting patiently for her next posts and I really miss not having her input from time to time too. Just glad to know things are going very well for her now.

Carolyn R. Parsons said...

Great news. I don't know her but it sounded pretty serious and sudden. I hope she makes a full and complete recovery


introspection said...

Hi Lee, thanks for the update. I am so glad Sandi is doing great. Happy that soon she will be amongst us blogging away.
Get well soon sandi..!!

Lee said...

Jeni, you're so welcome! I was glad to chat with her too! It felt really lonely without her to share the goings on of our days.


Lee said...

Introspection, Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for Sandi. I told her you'd asked and she was glad to hear it.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!

Lee said...

Breeze, Thank you! You'd love Sandi! Her writings are really good and she's got a book coming out soon. I'll send you the link to her blog.


Count Sneaky said...

Hi Lee,
That is good news about Sandi. I don't know her but that is good news.The Count asked me to e-mail you on the road. This is Strutz the cat somewhere between Boondocksville and Soda City on Route 195,( I think,..) Hitched a ride with a trucker who likes cats and lured me into his truck with a fine saucer of milk. Of course, I was ready to leave the burg, although, I still can't get Fluffy out of my mind...those eyes!
So, I'm riding shotgun with a fine old trucker who talks to me like a human, and thinking of Fluff and my next stop.
Happy Easter. Strutz

Lee said...

Hi Strutz!

Glad you were able to find a place for your computer to connect while on the road. You need to go visit Sandi as she is a great lover of cats and takes good care of all the ladies and gents in her neighborhood. I'm delighted to know you are getting good care while you are traveling.

Best wishes and Happy Easter!

Count Sneaky said...

Lee, this is Strutz the Cat sitting in for the Count today. Don't know quite where the heckobill I am, but I'm on the road again with another good trucking buddy just sitting here looking at the scenery and listening to my trucker buddy ramble on about all the woman he has known. Well, it's about 4:30pm here and I just want to post my concern about you and your friend and hope you are better. The Count will drag in in the morning.
He's old and I sit in for him while I'm on the road. "On th' road again!"
Oh! play that thing! Stutz the Cat.