Sunday, November 19, 2006

Changing sidebar test plus odd bits

Today I rearranged the side bar just a bit. I wanted to put the blogs I read in a separate section. As my friends, Susan and JSD, assured me it was a simple matter of copying and pasting. After viewing the results in preview I saved the changes. What I then expected to see was a republish blog screen. This didn't happen. Since I am now in the new beta blogger I wondered if this was no longer necessary. Probably the easy thing to do would have been to go over to the help section and do a search. Instead I decided to simply make a post announcing the change and see if the republish didn't show up when I was done. So that's the main purpose for this post.

Little bits of news...My Dad has a birthday coming up this week. He will be 84 on the 25th. My Grandfather would have been celebrating his on Thanksgiving day if he were still alive. My mother's family never did the saving of info so I am slowly gathering the details of what my mom can still remember of my closest grandparents. I don't expect to do a family tree or anything like that. I just want to know and remember all the things I didn't think to learn as a child.

In the schooling category, the semester is almost over. I have one more lesson to do in my practice classroom. We aren't having final exams so the teachers are doing something early. I'm a bit nervous. I have a lot to do this week and some of it is catch up work. This keeps applying the stress and preventing comfortable sleep. It woke me up 3 times last night. Even though I have a cold and really need the rest I should probably close this post and get busy. I think if I don't do at least one or two things today towards my classes I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.


jsd said...

Hang in there! You can do it! I hope you feel better, it was pretty obvious that you're not feeling well at church. I feel for you, it sucks to have stuff you have to do when all you really want is to rest. I hope you get some good sleep over the Thanksgiving break. Happy Thanksgiving back at ya.

Lee said...

Thanks, JSD! Hope I didn't offend anyone when I was being grumpily sick at church. I love your sympathy post here. Thank you! This gives me an excuse to post that I managed to get 3 of the many things I needed to do done last night: 2 tutorial plans, one reflection, and a summative journal. I still have a running record, case study, lesson plan, and closing tutorial plan to do plus a lot of crafty stuff and write ups on my thematic unit. Thank God I have a week off.

When I find the time I also need to go see my adviser to get permission for one class and see what my options are. Then there is a dental appointment. Plus the usual housecleaning stuff. Geesh. And they call it vacation.

One thing I am frustrated with myself about is that I forgot to get the phone number of one of the women I work with. She wanted to get together over the holiday for lunch. Hope she will forgive me.

Thanks again and May all your week go well!

Susan Palwick said...

Good luck, Lee. I'm on overwhelm too -- as you know! -- so I can relate!

Lee said...

Thanks, Susan! I can well imagine your week. I hope all goes well for you as you move into the end of this semester.