Thursday, November 16, 2006

Posting in the new blogger

Switching to the new beta blogger was a bit scary until I did it. I had read so many cautions on the blogger knowledge page that it sounded horribly complicated. Then my friend, Susan, did it and I took heart. It really is easy. Susan answered my nervous questions about her experience with the process and was very reassuring. I know how busy she is and yet she always has a kind word or support to give. I love buddy blogging. (g) Thank you, Susan!

After changing over, I tried to comment on another friend's blog. She hasn't changed over to the new beta and it wouldn't let me. Sigh! So I wrote and asked her to change too. I hope she does it soon.

I have a few impolite comments running through my head on systems that force you to change when you aren't ready in order to gain the convenience you once had. It isn't nice. I've seen this in banking services and now in blogger software. Instant messaging doesn't seem to have this problem. I can message anyone I like in YM no matter what version of the software they have. Why can't other companies be as considerate? My bank wants me to change my accounts over to a version that gives me points, kind of like mypoints, instead of earning interest. No way! I like my extra few pennies every month. Why should I give up that for some point system that might not offer me what I really want to get or only at a huge amount of points that I might never reach. Yeah, I'm sometimes resistant to change. I also refuse to buy watches with gimmicks that don't meet any of my needs and I think that cell phones are getting way too complicated. Ok, I'm a scrooge. LOL


Susan Palwick said...

I agree with you about old systems frequently being better than new ones -- and I have an extremely rudimentary cell phone which I hardly ever turn on. It's strictly for emergency use and travel. I don't like talking on them, for one thing, because the quality's rarely as good as it would be with a landline.

Oh, and that's another thing: we still have old-fashioned phones with cords at my house. How antiquated can you get! :-)

jsd said...

Well, I wished to the new version - thanks for the push :-)

Lee said...

Hi Susan! I used to have an old phone too. I kept it in a box for a long time and then it finally disappeared in a move. This one had a dial instead of push buttons.

JSD, You're welcome. (g) Did you find any new controls that you liked?

Peace all.

jsd said...

I haven't even looked, I wasn't especially excited about upgrading in the first place. So I imagine I'll stumble onto the new features slowly over time.

Lee said...

JSD, I understand. Or think I do. (g) Thanks for upgrading.