Thursday, November 09, 2006

A step in the right direction!

When it comes to complicated issues I am lost. This is especially true of political and religious issues. I like my politics clear cut, honed down to the main points, given in an orderly fashion. Additionally, while I am a centrist on most current political issues today I am old enough to be rather conservative about the original ideas behind our country's most famous historical attitudes.

Our country has tried for many years not to get into religious wars. Even though we are a nation of believers in God we don't hold to any one faith. Still for all intents and purposes we can be called a Christian nation. That being said, no matter what the reasons for the War Against Terrorism were, when you listen to people talk about the faith of those who attacked America on 9/11 we begin to sound like we are in a religious war. I don't like that. That kind of war never seems to end. It's scary!

Today, looking over the election results, I find room for hope. There has been another first in our history. A Muslim has been elected to the US Congress. You can read the article here.

This is a good thing. It means that our government will continue to represent us in all our diversity instead of focusing on just the majorities. I don't know how many Muslims there are in the U.S. but there must be quite a few. Being a teacher who is trying to teach kids right from wrong, and not just what I believe in, I find this heartening. It encourages me to research the faith and learn more about it. Because there is separation of church and state I have no idea how many children in my classrooms are Muslim, but I want to make sure that as American citizens they and their beliefs are honored where I teach. Go America! You just stood tall and proud again! You just showed once again that we ARE a great melting pot whose shores welcome everyone and give freedom to all!


Catmoves said...

Lee, it is not that Americans are inhospitable to religions other than Christianity (I've been introduced to a fair number of other belief systems), but that there are beings on this world who consider that not only is their religion the only one, but that you are an enemy if you don't believe their techings.
The unfortunate catch here is that they are convinced they have the only solution to man's problems.

Lee said...

Hi Catmoves, Thanks for dropping by, reading so much, and taking the time to comment.

First off, I want to say that I agree with you about there being people who think theirs is the only solution to man's problems. Sadly, some of those people live in the US too. I still have concerns about the emotional state of our nation.

No, we aren't inhospitable to other religions. Just to those of the people we are currently at war with. We've outcast cultures in the past based on our current state of war. I'm remembering the treatment of Japanese and German Americans during WWI and WWII. It didn't matter that these were American citizens. Because of their culture they were labeled the enemy when the country of their ancestry was the one we were at war with. So when I hear about people committing hate crimes against Muslims, because we are at war with a country where that is the predominant religion and we've heard media telling us this is the reason they attacked us in the first place, then I think I have some cause for concern about a possible religious war.

I just want the whole thing to be over with and peace restored both here and abroad. Sadly, I don't think that is going to happen. I foresee a long and complicated involvement in this situation and doubt that there will be any happy ending in sight.

Hope springs eternal!