Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just couldn't stay away

Yesterday I said I would wait for the lines to clear before seeing Spider-man 3. Well, that didn't happen (sheepish grin). Instead I found an excuse to drive past the theater and saw that there were no lines. So I went to see if the show was sold out and the cashier told me there were plenty of seats available. I guess advance ticket sales are not as popular as theaters would like. So I bought a ticket and ended up with a seat at the end of the best row in the house. Yay!

Spider-man 3 was great! I loved the interactions between him and his lady love. He grows so much emotionally during this story that it is heart warming. There is plenty of interaction around forgiveness too. Also the good vs. evil theme is mixed in with all of that. It is a wonderful movie and the best of the three.

The were two downsides to seeing it. The movie is a bit long, 2 hours 19 minutes. Theaters don't do intermissions anymore, so by the time it was ending I was frantic for a trip down the hall. So were quite a few other fans. Also, I don't like that it cost more to get a medium soda and one package of candy than it did to see the movie. This wasn't always the case. When I was a little girl you could see a movie for a quarter, soda was a dime, and a candy bar cost a nickel. Since my allowance was fifty cents this worked out well for me. I had money left over for the rest of the week. Even with inflation counted in today's prices are bad. So, I'm thinking that in the future I won't buy theater food. Their prices are plain old highway robbery and worse than the gas stations that have prime spots.


jsd said...

I'm glad you liked the movie - my son wants to see it too. But at over two hours I think this is a netflix flick were we can pause for bathroom breaks, snacks, and stretching :)

Lee said...

I agree with you on the taking kids to it. There were some but I know that many of them needed to go take breaks. One dad was hauling his two girls down the aisle just as it looked like the last scene was ending. Turned out he was wrong and he cussed as they decided to miss the final scene.