Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unofficial? Final Grades

When I got home today an email was waiting for me with my final grade in the masters level course I took. I got an A. The PhD who taught the class had good things to say about my growth. That feels good!

From the score sheet the other professor gave us I know that I made an A in the undergraduate class too. That means I have another semester finished in which I made the Dean's Part-time Honors List. And of course my GPA will rise a bit. If I ever find the time to go back and work on a full masters I hope I can keep up the GPA I have maintained these last 5 semesters. It would feel really good to graduate with honors, especially since my early undergraduate performance was really bad. I never got kicked out of school but I kept a healthy status on the scholastic probation list. I think I was too young to appreciate what I was getting at the time. Now I'm not and this feels much better.

Yay! Time for chocolate and a reward!


Susan Palwick said...

Congrats, Lee! You go, girl!

Lee said...

Thanks Susan! (g) I can't wait for a few years down the road when I can find the time to get an entire degree with grades like that. Imagine! Me "some kind'a laude". (g)

Peace & Joy!