Friday, May 25, 2007

School's Out!!!

It's very strange, but also very adolescent, that when you want a student in the classroom they don't want to be there. Heck, they won't even stay in the building. But close school for the year ,send them out the door, and they won't leave! Instead, they keep sneaking back inside. That was the huge joke in Content Mastery Center (CMC) after we finished herding them outside. No matter how many times we closed the doors a steady string of individual students kept showing back up inside the building. The principal even rang the closing bell 12 minutes early. They just didn't want to leave.

Heck, neither did I. Sitting there in the room with my co-workers, I was filled with a huge muddled mess of emotions. I felt sad, happy, forward looking, angry, and very much wanted to cry all at the same time. I suspect I'll be sorting through those feelings for a bit. I was glad to see the year end. I didn't want to quit my job even though I had to in order to student teach in the fall. I will miss my co-workers. We've done a lot together and had some good/fun times and some not so good ones as we helped the kids work their way through the year. For some reason I haven't quite figured out yet, I was mad at the students for coming back inside. I found myself almost crying on the way to the car and again once I was in it. I did the same thing at the end of last year. That wasn't so much for the middle school I work in but for the elementary class I had done field experiences in. I'm beginning to think that once I'm certified and have my own classroom, investing in a paper products company that makes tissues might be a good idea.

So what do I do next? Well, I think I'll take it a week at a time. This first week I want to rest, relax, clean the house and get it better organized, and do some things for myself. Then I want to go talk to a temporary agency to see if they can put me to work for short jobs over the summer. I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Its been ages since I was able to haunt the public library just to find new SciFi to read. I think, even though it is supposed to be bad for your skin, that I should start working on a tan. I also want to start trying to get in a little walking. I seem to have put on a few pounds these last few months and my clothes are tighter than I like them. And lastly but maybe most importantly, I want to spend time at my church in the garden and also make time for blogging again.

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