Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Puzzle to Share

Jigzone had another cute kid appropriate puzzle today and I feel like sharing it. As a reminder if you go to the web page to work it you can change the number of pieces and also their shapes to make it more fun and challenging or easier. Hope you or your kid enjoys this one - Butterfly.

Click to Mix and Solve


San said...

Cute. My kids would have liked this when they were littler.

Lee said...

So would a lot of my students. Wish I could access it in the classroom. But we only have 2 working computers and there is way too much to teach. Every other class I've worked in had computer lab time. Not this one. It makes me kind of sad. We are working on getting the monitor hooked up to the computer so that I can do power point and interactive websites. It would be nice to take the kids on a web quest. :)