Friday, January 25, 2008

Camera Play on a Rainy Day

It's wet and nasty outside. So of course I decided it was a good time to play with the camera. Things started off kinda awkward. I got some decent shots but only a couple were very share worthy. However, as the playing progressed I got a little casual with my aim and stopped trying to point the camera looking directly at the LCD. Surprisingly things got better at that point. (Shrugging shoulders - I've no idea why) Some of my results are below.

Because the weather was nasty it quickly became cause for a Fowl Weather Party.

Hooboo isn't totally happy when indoors, even on the nastiest days. Thank goodness today is above freezing. Here he is being the patio Watch Cat.

When he finally did come inside, Hooboo started a fight with Hyram. My scolding started immediately but Hooboo isn't impressed by this. He gets this Tired Old Man look and just sits there till I stop.

Hyram doesn't get up on my lap often so sometimes, when he is rubbing past my ankles, I grab him and put him there. It's sort of a game we play to see if I can catch him. He is so long that to let him settle comfortably on my legs I have to cross one knee over the other making an incline he will then stretch out on. Here's Rum Tum being a Lap Blan-Cat.

While Hyram was keeping my legs warm I decided to play with closeups. Here he is in profile. This is a bit blurry but he's less than 2 feet away. My pants are dark and I think the flash went off. Thus the colors are lightened. It's almost black and white.

Finally, I just wanted to see how close I could get with the camera and still have things come into focus. Maybe I should ask if you can guess what this is like David does but I think the label gives it away. This was taken from just over a foot away. It's a bit hard to see in the image the blog shows but may show up better in the larger version if you click on it. The part that is best in focus are a few tiny drops of water on the inside of the bottle. I just thought that was kind of neat. Enjoy!


murat11 said...

To my mind, wet and nasty weather often makes for the best pictures. Nothing like a rain-drenched anything for a cool picture.

Lee said...

Thanks Paschal! Yes, wet weather does very interesting things to shapes and colors. I'm particularly fond of fog and mist.


jsd said...

I really like your duck pic - if I remember I'll get some of my film developed...I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day.

Lee said...

Thanks JS! I'm glad you like the duck picture too. When I took it I also took some close ups of the ducks but for some reason the gray curve of the curb added to the photos attractiveness.

I look forward to seeing your pics. Dad is working on getting some of his slides into digital format. When he sends me copies I can post his work too which has some really awesome stuff.

Hope you're feeling better!


Susan Palwick said...

I love the duck pic too, but of course I always love kitty photos. You have two very handsome boys there, and I'm so glad you're enjoying the new camera!

Lee said...

Thank you, Susan! I'm delighted that you like the pictures and my boys! If I ever get a computer camera maybe yours and mine can conference. :)


San said...

Lee, I agree with Paschal about the "rain-drenched" factor making for lovely pictures. Puddles are just so luscious.

And you know I always enjoy seeing your boys.

Lee said...

You're right, San! Puddles ARE luscious. There was even a deep one, in the hole the plumbers dug, that filled with water and the ducks were trying to swim in it. Silly birds. :)

Yep, my boys love preening for you!


Sandi McBride said...

Okay, I love the ducks...that just looks like duck weather. Don't blame the kitties for not wanting to be yellow fellow is called Trouble...and heavens is he aptly named...he's out playing in the rain now and will no doubt be wanting back in soon so he can lie about on the furniture and just in general be a pain in the arse...loved all your pics, each and everyone...

Lee said...

Wow! Thanks Sandi! The ducks were part of why I moved in here.

Trouble is a great cat name. I love it. I saw the picture of your boy on your blog. He's a cutie. One of my cats doesn't go out but the other one does. I keep a towel handy for Hooboo. :)