Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Work in Progress...or Is It?

For a while now, something in the back of my mind's been nudging me. It had to do with David's two colored corner picture. Back on campus this week, I figured it out. The university's been growing and there was a building under construction I'd seen last semester. It's still there and still has these brightly colored panels of exterior drywall.
What amazes me is the variety of colors. I've seen aqua too. Not as elegant as David's photo, this one's too complicated. Still, it was his image that inspired me to take these. Here's one of the other end.

Yep, we South Texans love our towers. I hope this one doesn't foretell any bad events on our campus. The unfortunate thing about all this growth is, the university wiped out most of the convenient student parking in the process. They built a huge parking tower, charged more for using it, and have added off campus parking with shuttles. But you can't park near your classroom anymore. Considering Texas's love affair with guns, let's hope there's no such thing as "parking rage".



murat11 said...

A little gallows humor there, Lee, but great pix. I like the tropical hues and cool shapes, a nice contrast with our "winter" weather.

Lee said...

Thank you, Paschal! Wish the buildings were as colorful after they're built. I thought of saying something about ivory towers but that only led to more gallows humor. Sigh. Must be my mood today.


San said...

The textural contrast of the fencing with the drywall is really nice too. It appears sculptural.

Parking rage. Been there. Done that. I was fortunately unarmed when another student jumped into the space I was heading into. He said, "I'm saving it for the car behind you." I just kept going. Guess I WAS armed, so to speak. With a Ford Pinto. That was the one with the exploding gas tank glitch.

Lee said...

Thanks for the nice words, San! I'll have to re-look at them to see the contrast and sculptural perspective. It's something I hadn't noticed and I appreciate your artist's perspective. :)

I totally understand the parking rage thing. Took an empty space in a college parking lot and some guy drove up behind me and yelled at me about taking the spot he had been watching. I'm usually really polite about someone waiting to get a spot right in front of them. When I took that there was no one around. I swear! His attitude pretty much wrecked my day.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!

jsd said...

very nice pictures Lee!

Lee said...

Thanks JS! See you tonight and tomorrow!


Sandi McBride said...

Hmm, we wouldn't be talking about a certain Bell Tower would we? A chill just went down my spin!

Lee said...

YES we would, Sandi! I remember well the stories of all the people who got shot that day. An 8th grade teacher I know taught on that subject to her reading class. Sometimes I think universities are more stupid than their students! We could have done without the Ivory Tower look.