Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Everything Old is New Again!

Bouncing from blog to blog I read a couple of ladies talking about Michael Buble. Didn't know who he was but they were raving about him, calling him romantic and gorgeous. So of course I had to find out about this rave. YouTube provided the video and sounds very nicely. What I like about this guy is that he is singing stuff I grew up on. Yes! I find it VERY romantic! Even better, he makes these "oldies" sound current and very "today!" I can hardly wait to tell my family about this guy and how the songs we used to sing together are now new again and popular. So, sharing the newest thing to become a passion in my musical world. Here is Michael Buble singing, "Everything."


San said...

It is a romantic video, Lee.


Lee said...

Thanks San, I'm glad you agree with me. Did Bennie perchance listen to it? Or Flan? I'm wondering what that loving family of yours thinks.

Looking for this guy on all the sales sites I can find. I want his latest CD and am determined to get it at the lowest possible cost.


San said...

No other family members have listened, Lee. Flan is on her way to Phoenix to run a half-marathon. And Bennie hasn't been at the computer of late. He and Oakley have been staining doors at the house.

Lee said...

:) That's ok. I was just wondering about other people's impressions. So if Bennie and Oakley are staining doors are you guys remodeling?