Sunday, January 27, 2008

Removing Powercells to Empower Freedom

Over at authorblog, David McMahon has asked the question: How efficiently (or inefficiently) would your household function without batteries?

There used to be a comic, repeatedly published or recited, about how people get fat from using remote controls. Well, my life would be more active if I rose from my chair to go across the room to change the channel on the TV. It would be more poetic as I lit candles during blackouts instead of reaching for the flashlight. I find candles soothing so I'd enjoy that. It might be in a different location as lighting those candles is strictly forbidden in my lease. I might enjoy being in a different place too. Cables would attach the keyboard and mouse to the computer thus making them more reliable and less expensive to replace. Phones would also be wired and I'd probably be dragging those long extended cords around as I moved from place to place talking. This might cost less. We've had that kind of technology around for years. Less expense means I'd be richer or able to afford a bigger place. Safety might be an issue because smoke detectors run on batteries too. My cell phone contract might get dropped because I keep one for safety and have used it to call the electric company when the lights go out.

Outside, I use batteries in my car. Well I guess if we didn't have batteries we would have electric cars or some other form of power and the world would be a greener place. The land fills would be smaller and less hazardous.
Planning trips without the cellphone to call for help might mean that I'd know the area better and people might be more ready to stop for others in case they needed help someday. Singing, whistling, or silence would accompany me when out on a walk instead of one of those portable CD players. We might all know our neighbors better because we would need the resources of having friends everywhere instead of carrying flashlights and tasers. Or more of us would have dogs with us on leashes so that our protection went with us. That might be nice, fewer stray dogs because they were valued more, less garbage strewn around the neighborhoods. Less stress because having and caring for animals is a known stress reducer. The world might be a friendlier place.

You know, I can see some real benefits from going without batteries. I can also see one not so great thing. David's camera and flash wouldn't work so we might not get as many great shots. (g) And that would be a real shame.


david mcmahon said...

That post really struck a chord, Lee - or I should say ``struck a cord''!!!!

And thank you for the kind words about my photographs!!

david mcmahon said...

And a great post title, too

Lee said...

Aw David, I love your sense of humor. :) Thanks for noticing the title. That came as a happy afterthought. As for kind words...well the truth comes easy.


Jeni said...

Thanks to David - again- for a great question and answer set-up over the weekend. Really good post you did here about the importance of batteries in our lives and yet, the overuse of the too.

Lee said...

Welcome Jeni! Thank you for dropping in and your kind words. I'll be by to check out your blog shortly.


San said...

Lee, congratulations on being in David's post of the day!

I love the way you envision how things might play out in a world without batteries. You take it from the personal to the BIG picture.


Lee said...

Wow, San! Thanks! "From personal to the BIG picture" I hadn't realized that I was that much a citizen of the world. Now I feel REALLY good!


david mcmahon said...

There have been some great answers to this question, Lee - if you have time check out Akelamalu and Jo Beaufoix!

Sandi McBride said...

Indeed, more pretty pictures...but I can't say I'd miss cell phones...there's a post in there somewhere!

Lee said...

You're right, Sandi! A friend of mine told me why laws against cell phone usage on the highways are hard to enforce. It made sense but I still hate cell phones on the roads. And in restaurants, auditoriums, church services, movies, and libraries for crying out loud. Probably they pop up at funerals too. Sigh! We're a connected world...and getting short on space which every creature needs.