Sunday, March 02, 2008


The Truth Laid Bear rating system has gone a little wonky of late. For a while now I noticed I had no daily details when I checked their website. The support request I registered hasn't been handled yet.

Today I noticed that it was even worse than I had thought. There is a note that says they are adding thousands of blogs and the rating system will be better and more accurate when they are done. Well, I looked at my rating on my website. It says I'm still a multicellular microorganism. But when I check TTLB's website I'm a crawly amphibian. So I looked at the list for that level. Wow! It is really long now. and the number of links are from 1 to 2 for that level. When I looked at the multicellular microorganism there were a fair number listed but they had absolutely no links attached to their blog names. So I'm totally flummoxed and have no idea what I am anymore.

When they get this fixed I may go back to where I was or I may be up a level or two. Whatever happens I hope they finish soon. I felt proud of not being in the bottom rung of the ecosystem. Now that I'm a fair way above that I keep looking around anxiously waiting for the sky to fall. I wonder what Susan is thinking of all of this because her blog says she's a flappy bird while TTLB says she's a marauding marsupial.


david mcmahon said...

Hope it's sorted out soon. I reckon you're top of the pile.

Keep smiling


Lee said...

Thank you, David. That is so sweet of you. I hope they get things back on track soon too.


San said...

Lee, I vote for something really high up there. Do they have Woman Creating Her Destiny?

Lee said...

LOL I wish! The rating scale is sadly slanted towards levels of the evolutionary tree. That one usually shows man and not woman but then if Hilary gets into office you never know how things might change.

Today I was down to slimy mollusk. That's fine with me. I just want my data back and my ratings to settle down. This is one of those systems that counts visits to your website and also how many people link to you get daily. The links have a greater weight on your rating than the visits do.

And thanks for the vote of confidence. If you want to boost my ratings, link your post to mine in the next puzzle, quiz round of memes we do.


Susan Palwick said...

Y'know, I don't worry about where I am on the evolutionary ladder anymore. Just being alive is good! ;-)

Lee said...

I'm glad it has morphed into a different purpose for you, Susan. I guess it is still new enough to me that my need for accuracy is in full swing. Now Site Meter, on the other hand, has shifted down in importance. I suppose that TTLB will do that too for me once its newness has worn off. :) And YES, being alive is what's important. Much better than being dust & ashes.


Sandi McBride said...

Why, you're the SUN Lee, didn't you know? Just spreading the warmth to all!
I knew it all along