Friday, March 14, 2008

There'll Be Some Changes Made...

Hope you enjoyed that wonderful rendition of an oldie but goodie. This post is to let you know that some changes are about to be made to this blog. A totally new look is coming. Lots of work went into it's creation, so the changes may come in stages (for those quick enough to catch them). But, thanks to the wonderful skills of Terry....there'll be some changes made. And I for one think they are gonna be awesome! Hope you all agree.


Sandi McBride said...

Wow. If I close my eyes and listen I picture a smokey little speak easy with all the party goers gatherered around the stage, just rocking side to side as they listen to that very great old song, rule breakers all. How apt!
Thanks for the to bed and that song will be in my head till morning...I pity the dream that tries to take it over!

jsd said...

Wow, very nice look and feel...I enjoyed the song too!!

murat11 said...

Damn! "Stages?" The dreams are flourishing, I'd say. A work of art, this new blog-painting. Congratulations.

San said...

Congratulations, Lee! Dazzling new header, and the three column layout is splendid. I look forward to reading all of your exciting future posts underneath the butterflies, those ethereal emblems of transformation.

Languorous song. Sigh.

Lee said...

Hi Sandi, Glad you liked the number. I find myself going back and listening again and again. :) Hope the dreams were all you could ask for.


Lee said...

Thanks, JS! Loved that "Wow!" :)


Lee said...

Hey Paschal! That's a really nice description...I like flourishing.

Thank you and Tina for that lovely card! I'll pass along your kind words to Michael.


Lee said...

Ohh...Languorous! Yes, we need to be slow enough to stop and notice those ethereal symbols of stop and smell the grass and feel the sun on our faces too.

Brighter days, San!