Friday, March 21, 2008

Joining in on the "Deadly Dull" Meme

Paschal of Murat11 and JS of Influxtransposer have picked up on a meme snagged from Amy Rigby's blog. In it you are to tell 7 deadly dull things about yourself. Paschal being the creative soul he is, changed the meme to "riffing off Amy's opening statement." JS followed suit. So here I go, although I don't know that mine will be riffy. Paschal has a way of making even prose sound poetic.

1) “I am a lip balm addict.” Nope, not even close. I like flavors from time to time, but I've never found anyone who enjoyed tasting them with me. At least not enough to make it worth the dough. What is the worst smelling balm ever? Carmax, of course. It's saving quality? It works.

“I can walk pretty fast in high heels.” Hmmm...depends on the heel height. At 2 1/2 inches I cha cha. At 3 inches I slow down to a rhumba. Go higher...say 3 1/2 inches...and my walk acquires a very stately pace. At 4 inches I go barefoot.

I love broccoli.” I don't love broccoli. I love broccoli with cheese and rice. I love broccoli and cheese soup. I love broccoli in a vegetable mix. I love broccoli in stir fry. Nope, I don't love broccoli.

“My current favorite movie is ‘A Star is Born’ with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.” I much preferred her in Funny Girl and On a Clear Day. What's MY current favorite? That would be Eight Below. Still want to see it again, even after 3 viewings. It is by Disney so it's family friendly. It has something for everyone, romance, excitement, humor, lessons in geography, animal science, and pack behavior. And, it is one of the most exciting on first view kid movies I've ever seen as an adult.

“I really missed seeing the Oscars this year.” Well, I understand that we all missed out on stuff with the writers strike. But really...there was lots of other stuff on you could have watched or done to fill the evening.

“I love making (and eating) good American pancakes.” Good for you, girl. So do I. The time I liked making them the best was as a kid. Mom had a really good electric skillet. The pancakes fit perfectly in it. And when I learned how to make those silver dollar pancakes...oh boy!

“I have dozens of scarves.” I've got about 7 or 8. Most I don't wear anymore but I still love them. A couple of the longer ones I use as an occasional belt or as a strap during yoga workouts. Somewhere in my dresser is one of those little booklets that tells you about 20 different ways to tie them, including turning them into a skirt or a halter top. :)

So there you are. Peace! And Happy Easter everyone!


murat11 said...

Lee: Thanks for jumpin' on into the sandbox for the sheer mayhem of Ms Amy's Dullsville. Your riffs were hilarious: I'm still not sure I've completely decoded your lip balm riff - no, don't tell me, I like its wackiness.

Either I'm hallucinating or you've toned down some of your answers from when I first read them this afternoon. I seem to remember a head-on harangue about the Oscars and teachers not being able to strike. There was a bit more on A Star Is Born too, no?

I'm completely with you on the broccoli thang: Ms Amy's statement should have been "I love broccoli WITH ____________ (fill in name of substance). (Or name of activity, as in, "I love broccoli WITH Al Green singing 'Take Me to the River.'")


Lee said...

Oxygenate my friend. You are correct. I did tone down the statements. After I had posted and edited a few times I got into bed and and then thought better of it. So, I got back out of bed, turned the machine back on, and got out of people's faces. Especially about A Star is Born. Hated that movie. But no reason to offend someone who did like it. Right? About the teacher's not being able to strike...that was more about taking out something I wasn't sure fit because at the time I wasn't sure if I was confusing the Oscars with the Golden Globe awards. I think the writer's strike lasted through all of them but I believe only one was canceled due to the strike. It's called learning to think before you type. :) Howver, if you like the teachers not being able to strike, I'll gladly put it back in.

I'm glad you like it. And leave it to you to be one of the first to read my stuff. Thanks my friend. Both for being a faithful reader and for the kind words.

As for you not completely decoding my lip balm riff...Hah! Pay backs my friend. You do the same to me so many times I feel a perverse delight in having set a bit of confusion in your mind for a change.

Hmmm...can we make a song out of the broccoli thing?

I love broccoli with_________
I love broccoli in the _______
la la la (melody of I love Paris running through my head).


murat11 said...

Fair enough on the lip balm payback. "...but I've never found anyone who enjoyed tasting them with me" is a riot.

Riff on with your riffitizing self and Happy Easter!

Lee said...

LOL Glad it gave you a laugh. :)

Happy Easter back!

San said...

A fun post, Lee. In particular I enjoy your delineations of velocity relative to heel height. I only wish you'd had pie charts to accompany it. Then you might publish it in some kind of scientific quarterly.

Happy Easter to you!

Lee said...

Hmmm...must find a phys ed teacher to tell me the speeds at which those dances move. :) Else that pie chart won't have anything for filling.

Glad you liked it, San.

Happy Easter back!


jsd said...

Double bluck to Carmex - oh God, I dare say that stuff will never ever touch my living lips again (this reaction from using once).

Whoa, they make 4" high heels?? Great Batman why??

Lee said...

Ummm...they were probably designed by some ugly shoe maker who couldn't get a date. The darn things make you totter so much that you can easily fall over face first.