Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin is Gone

Just after I posted the Trip Report post, I checked the news and discovered that George Carlin had passed away. I really liked him as a comedian. He was smart, funny, and said intelligent things in ways that made you think while enjoying the whole thing. I remember some of his "how many different names for..." routines. Those were so funny. Maybe I should go and read the books he wrote. The world is gonna be a lesser place now that he's left it. Does anyone besides me miss him? Is there someone else you would like to not see leave this world?

Peace! & Hope...that George is in a better place!


david mcmahon said...

All comedians make the world a better place, don't they, Lee!

Glad your trip went well and that you are ``connected'' again.

Lee said...

Yes they do, David! I grew up on Bob Hope! Who did you grow up on?

Thanks for the trip wishes. I'm glad too.

My dad has been by your site and read. He wanted to say Hi back and Thanks. We're working on blog literacy. :)


Sandi McBride said...

I loved his "Stuff" routine most of all, which should help me to get rid of "stuff" but I never do! I take comedy over drama any day of the week lol!

Anne said...

George Carlin was one of my favorites—how could anyone not love such clever wordplay? I was sad to see him go, too. I think we’re always better for laughing.

Lee said...

Once again, Sandi, we seem to be twins! Hooray for generational cultures. :) Stuff is up!


Lee said...

Hi Alt! You are so right about the word play. I just sat and listened to his Stuff routine. It's amazing how carefully he chose his words and yet it didn't seem at all contrived. What an artist!


murat11 said...

As you'll notice with ALT's comment, Carlin's appeal crossed generations: I had high school urchins who were into him.

Lee said...

That's so cool, isn't it Paschal? I mentioned it to Sandi McBride and she agreed that Carlin was for all generations. Her nieces and nephews love him too. I'd like to be there when JS's kids are old enough to be introduced to him.

I grew up on humor that was above my head but I grew into it. What comedians has your son been exposed to? Besides your honorable self that is. (G)


San said...

A great comedian he was. With a rare genius for taking ordinary subjects and making them hilarious.

Lee said...

Amen, San! It's amazing how many people loved his stuff. I hope he was well remembered at any services held for him. And I hope that his estate continues to produce some of those wonderful routines of his.