Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sandi Liked This One!

Because my good friend Sandi likes this one, and I knew I'd be going to You Tube to find something of George's to embed for you, here's his "Stuff" routine. It's totally funny! Enjoy!


Jeni said...

I think I must have watched almost every U-tube video of George Carlin imaginable yesterday and loved every minute of them too! Such a brilliant man he was on so many levels too.

Sandi McBride said...

Thank you my dear Lee...I need a good laugh before bedtime, lol, and I've by God had my laugh! I've been looking for space for my stuff for years (remember the pantry?) and it's all because George told me it was okay to try to make space for my stuff! I'll bet he's up in heaven (oh yes, George was certainly heaven bound) making room for his stuff and busily acquiring more stuff to add to the lot!
we'll talk in the am if you're up to it!

Lee said...

I'd have watched them too, Jeni, if I'd had the energy. I'll tackle that this weekend. :)

I wonder what other comedians they have video clips of on You Tube.


Lee said...

You're very welcome, Sandi. Reader's Digest keeps telling us that Laughter is the best medicine". I'm sure of it.

I'd love to chat. Not sure what time I'll be up but will be online as soon as I am. Just remember the time difference. :)


jsd said...

wicked sense of humor he had.

Lee said...

Yeah! Did you listen closely to that last line about what your really important stuff was? I almost fell out of my chair.


San said...

BRILLIANT. And on a deeper level, unflinchingly wise.

Lee said...

Yes! And I wonder how many people realize how broad his audience was. He has something in there for almost every generation, social group and a few other classifications.

Hope you listened to a few of the other routines that were available at the end of the one I chose to embed.