Saturday, June 28, 2008

Minor Changes & Great Explorations!

Wandering through people who commented on David's latest poem I rediscovered Aggie who has a blog which unites music with art. When I first came across Muse2Art I sent San that way. She seemed to think it was interesting. Now that I've been back, I find it a bit on the fascinating side and want to keep track of it. So, I've added a new link section called "Great Explorations". The purpose of that list is to contain links of places I don't visit daily, yet, but want to keep in touch with. Thank you, Blogger, for creating the bit of html that allows me to know when these sites update.

Of course, once I added the first link to Great Explorations, I had to add a couple more. I now have a grand total of 3 that I want to keep track of. They are Aggie's, Jenni's and Merisi's. (Ummm...make that 4, I just added in Raven's Nest, author of the wonderful Wordzzle) How could I not want to stay in touch with these wonderfully creative women? And I'm sure that more explorations are to come.

After adding the new link category, I did a little switching around of things on the sidebars and relabeled a few things. Then I headed over to Sandi's place and perused her blog roll because I knew she had blogs I wanted to gather in. While linking through one blog too many, I discovered Twilight blogs. And that's all the fault of Nancy at SmilnSigh. I hadn't realized the books were becoming that much of a phenomena. Thank you, Nancy! Now I'm going to have to read them. Not just because they are so popular but because they seem to be popular with Harry Potter fans of which I am one. Darn! There goes the reading budget! Thank goodness I discovered that I can get further discounts through an association I have. Yep, Borders doesn't charge you to join their rewards program but I find better discounts at Barnes & Noble. However, because I'm a member of AARP, I can get 10% off at Borders now. Yay!


Sandi McBride said...

DOn't you love AARP sometimes? Barnes and Nobles is the closest book store we have...I intend to check out the Twilight books...Date Night went spectacularly, met up with Number1 son and adopted granddaughter was fun! Liking your changes, but then that's what a Chrysalis is, a dome of change!

Lee said...

LOL Sometimes is exactly how often I love AARP. When they save me money and keep my rights in place they are the best. When they fill my mail box with all kinds of offers that I don't want is when I don't particularly like them. That was why it took me over a year to resubscribe this last time. And I did it on the phone so that I could talk to an individual who promised me I wouldn't get any offers. For the most part they have kept that promise.

I'm thinking about checking out Half Price for copies but I doubt they would have any if Twilight is this popular. But hey, it could happen.

Date night with family? Girl, you'd better post about how fantastic that was. Other wise I'm going to start thinking you needed a chaperon.


San said...

So many links to interesting sounding places, Lee--thanks!

And I can't wait to see your Shine On award posted on your sidebar.


Lee said...

:) Enjoy exploring, San!

What? My Shine On award didn't show? It's up! On the right at the very top! Reload page?

Joy! & Hugs!