Thursday, February 08, 2007

Birthday Report

Going to work was a good thing! My birthday was announced in the daily bulletin so all day long people were wishing me, "Happy Birthday!" One of the talented people in CMC created a handmade birthday card and everyone signed it. Two other cards I received were handmade too. One was from a student who, I was convinced, really didn't like me. That was a great surprise. The other was from another teacher and came with a piece of chocolate cake. Yum! The last card came from the lovely woman who teaches the reading resource room. She included a bag of specialty chocolates. All day long felt so cared for that it was wonderful. I knew that one of the reasons I wanted to go into education was that it was a caring environment. I had just forgotten that they care for the teachers too. Wow! So I'm a year older and a whole day happier!

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