Saturday, February 10, 2007

Small sitemeter landmark

Like many of my friends who blog, I'm fascinated by the numbers and locations of people who read my blog. Sometimes they stay for several pages and I always find that flattering. Two days ago my visit count passed the 1,000 mark. Yay!

One thing I wish the site meter showed is the length of the visit for people who only visit one page. By the nature of its setup, site meter can only log visit length if you look at more than one page. So I know that some of my friends check me out for a few minutes because they are so regular and check the comments to read my responses.

The nature of surfers is interesting. From what site meter shows most of the visits I get are from friends. Next come those who are doing Google searches. Occasionally I find a person who has managed to be an invisible surfer. These people have no ISP reported and the referring page, is often missing. Looks to me like they have a good security system.

Recently I noticed a new thing. A couple of visits not only had no ISP and referring pages but showed the entrance and exit clicks as I haven't figured out what that means yet. I use Firefox and Eudora so occasionally when I click on a link in my email Internet Explorer will be forced to open showing a blank page addressed It makes me wonder if there is any connection. If you have any information on this and would care to share it please feel free to comment.

So I guess my next milestone will be either the next thousand visits or maybe a record number of visits in one day.


jsd said...

happy one thousandth

Lee said...

Thanks JSD!