Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Personal Celebration

A few years back, when I worked for EDS Corporation, I would take a day of vacation every February 7th. Now that I'm a teacher I don't have that luxury. So today, instead of staying home and doing things to spoil myself, I'm going to work instead and have made adaptations to make the day brighter. You see, today is my birthday...and like any child I love having a day that is all about me. Yes, I admit it. I'm a child at heart. You can't get me out of toy stores. I love to start sentences with the word "I" and I love presents. (g)

On the present side, my mom sent me a check and my friend JSD and her wife are spending a Sunday with me later this month. Those are lovely presents, money to pamper myself with and friends to enjoy being with. Life couldn't get much better...although I'd still like that day off. (g)

To make myself feel more like I'm partying, today I am dressing nice for work. I haven't worn a pretty dress since last year. So today I'm dressed in a ruffled skirt and lacy sweater and have put on some dressy earrings. I'm even wearing stockings. I hope the kids don't fall out of their chairs in shock.

Last night I woke up about 1:30 and lost two hours of sleep so I hope I can make it through today. I will be sure to have coffee available all day.

Oh! And yesterday evening I went to the student teaching informational meeting and have plenty to do to prepare for that. I'm a bit excited and also a little scared. So wish me luck in my assignment when next fall comes and keep me in your prayers. Thanks! And "Happy Birthday, to me! Happy Birthday, to me!" La la la...


jsd said...

Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lee, and many mooorrrreee!

Anonymous said...

A Fresh Future
Connecting with the Dusty Past
Happy Birthday

Susan Palwick said...

Happy belated birthday, Lee! I'm sorry I missed it; I've been so frantically busy this week that I haven't had time to read blogs!

For an extra little gift, you're in the new Carnival of Hope. ;-) Enjoy!

Lee said...

Thanks, Susan, Duff and JSD! Your thoughts and good wishes have made this the best one I've ever had! Hugs to all of you.